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dolan1.jpgBack on November 16th, the Post’s Peter Vecsey blew us away with his exclusive scoop that Knicks Coach Isiah Thomas was on the verge of being fired, perhaps as soon as that day. We know how that turned out. Some scoop.

On Monday came another report, this one unsubstantiated and far less credible, that the Knicks President, GM, and Coach would be fired as early as January 15th. The rumor originated on the website

But now, in the wake of last night’s home defeat to the Toronto Raptors, there is legitimate buzz this morning that time has finally run out on Zeke. According to the Daily News’ Frank Isola, “Garden chairman James Dolan recently told confidants that he knows a coaching change must be made and that he is preparing to do just that.” Isola’s source doesn’t specify a timetable for the move other than to say it will likely come before season’s end. It’s also unclear whether Thomas will simply be removed from the bench, or relieved of his duties with the franchise altogether.

According to Isola, there is “no shortage” of candidates to replace Thomas in either capacity and “people are coming out of the woodwork to try and get Dolan’s attention.” Jerry West and Jerry Colangelo would be the NBA’s leading choices, however Dolan has a track record of stubbornly refusing the league’s advice.

Thomas, for his part, is beginning to lose some of his defiant bravado in his public comments, yesterday going so far as to cryptically remark, “We’re the concrete layers, we’re the cement layers. When you move into your house, the guy who poured the concrete never really gets the chance to live in the beautiful house that he built.”

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