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fire_isiah.jpgFire Isiah!

I’ve been calling for that move for at least two seasons, and it looks like Madison Square Garden Chairman James Dolan has finally seen the light.

What the hell took you so long, James?

I wonder what it was that finally woke Dolan up? The 9-26 record? The constant losses at home to bad teams? The players, like Zach Randolph, sniping at the coach during games? The stupified, helpless, look on Thomas’ face during games? The booing by the Garden crowd?

No matter. Thomas’ exit, as both coach and team president, is necessary if the Knicks are to stop being the moribund embarrassment they have become.

But, it’s only a start.

Does Dolan have the brains, and the pull, to lure a first-class general manager? Then, does he have the brains, and the guts, to get out of the way, let that general manager tear the team down and start over?

I have my doubts. And I know I’m not the only one. Here’s a quote from a column by Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News.

“There’s an old saying that first-class people hire first-class people, and second-class people hire third-class people,” said one NBA executive. “Dolan falls under the latter category.”

Dolan is just as much to blame for this mess as Thomas. After all, he hired Isiah in the first place. He sided with Isiah over Larry Brown, one of the game’s great coaches. He stood by and did nothing while sexual harassment suits embarrassed the franchise. He allowed Thomas to just keep spending money and spinning his wheels over the past four years while collecting pieces that didn’t fit like Zach Randolph, Steve Francis, Jared Jeffries, Malik Rose, Jalen Rose, Jerome James and other I can’t even recall.

Why would you, as a Knicks’ fan, believe that Dolan actually has suddenly found the vision, and the courage, to allow the Knicks to flourish again?

Ridding the Knicks of the embarrassment of the Isiah Thomas Era would be a welcome move by Dolan.

What happens after that, though, will be even more important. What happens then will tell Knicks’ fans if Dolan truly wants to bring championship basketball back to New York, or if they are doomed to watching horrible basketball for the foreseeable future.

(– Ed Valentine is an award-winning columnist and former sports editor of two daily newspapers. His work can be found at Valentine’s Views and Big Blue View.)

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