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UPDATE: Brian Lewis of the Post reports that Marbury plans to visit Dr. Bill Hamilton today and expects to be diagnosed with bone spurs in his sore left ankle. If so, the injury would sideline him for two months. When asked when he was made aware that the guard’s ankle was a problem, Isiah Thomas replied, “It was (Saturday). That was the first time I was aware of it.”

More drama from the land of Stephon Marbury, if you can stomach it.

On Friday, Marbury vented to the media about his frustration with his role on the team, telling reporters:

“I didn’t get paid the money I got paid to do what I’m doing now…I got paid to be a scoring guard. … Now I’m playing more of a passive role.”

Starbury followed his public discontent with a disappearing act from Saturday’s practice, and took the night off last night in the Knicks’ double-digit upset over the Detroit Pistons. Officially, Steph missed the game with a sore left ankle, however the explanation has raised eyebrows because on Saturday the team made no mention of the injury as is standard procedure when a player misses practice.

Via the New York Times:

[Isiah] Thomas, in discussing Marbury’s status, only fueled speculation that something was amiss. Thomas was asked about Marbury’s comment Friday that his role had become more passive since the arrival of Curry.

“I only want to comment and talk about tonight’s game,” Thomas said before tipoff. “He’s not playing tonight, so we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, if he decides to play again.”

Thomas did not elaborate or explain why he said “if.” He said he did not know when Marbury would return and that his absence from the bench “wasn’t a big deal.”

According to the Post, Marbury watched last night’s game in the locker room. After the win, Thomas told reporters, “I didn’t know he wasn’t on the bench.”

Marbury is the NBA’s fourth-highest paid player this season, earning $20.1 million.

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