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Thursday, January 17th, 2008

The Giants are dirty? Since when?

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Are the New York Giants a dirty football team?

If you listen to New England’s Rodney Harrison, and various members of the Green Bay Packers, the answer is yes.

From Harrison:

“I’m going to tell you, we saw it on film,” Harrison said after facing the Giants in the regular-season finale. “It wasn’t no secret. They push, they hit late, they come at you and try to take you out. That’s the way they play.”

As far as Harrison is concerned, he’s been voted dirtiest player in the league twice in a player poll conducted by Sports Illustrated, so anything he has to say on the matter is pretty much ridiculous.

Of more immediate interest, the Packers are saying the same thing.

“That’s how they play,” said Packers defensive tackle Ryan Pickett. “They do a little extra stuff after the whistle, things like that. It’s a part of football, but they seem to do a little extra. You’ve got to keep your eyes on them. We just have to take it to them, not sit back …

Santana Injured?

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Johan Santana has been under the microscope this entire offseason. It has been noted on numerous occasions – and quickly dismissed – that Santana didn’t exactly look like an ace during his final seven starts in 2007, compiling a very un-Santana-like 5.11 ERA. However, this is the first time I am hearing whispers that Santana may been pitching through an injury. On his blog for, Buster Olney writes:

Spoke with a talent evaluator recently who thinks that if the Twins are intent on swapping Johan Santana for a relatively modest package of prospects before the start of spring training, this may reflect some concern over the pitcher’s physical condition. In the aftermath of Santana’s 17-strikeout game against the Rangers on Aug. 19, there was some evidence of diminished velocity in the left-hander, and it was noted by at least one scout that he used his slider much less often.

Well it figures. Whenever the Mets win, they actually lose. Watch Fernando Martinez bloom into MLB’s next poster child …

Mets Look Like Frontrunners

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Let’s see how long it takes the New York press to bash Joe Christensen’s latest report in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune. Because once again, if you’re looking for news in the Johan Santana derby, you won’t find it in the metropolitan area.

Today, Christensen reports that trade discussions have reached a “quiet but crucial stage.” The Twins apparently have come to the realization that the Red Sox, Yankees, and Mets do not plan on sweetening their current offers to any great extent, and that ultimately they are going to have to simply choose the package they like the best, regardless of the backlash they will most likely see from fans. Minnesota still intends to trade the two-time Cy Young winner before spring training, despite Buster Olney‘s opine piece yesterday that said the team would be better off keeping Santana through opening day at this point.

Moreover, from where Christensen is sitting, the Mets continue to appear the lefty ace’s most likely landing spot. …

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What do the New York Knicks think they’re doing?

Just when there were reports that James Dolan had finally come to his senses and decided to rid the Knicks of Isiah Thomas, the team started to win games.

Wednesday night’s 111-105 victory over New Jersey was the third straight for the 12-26 Knicks.

Why guys? Why now? Just when something really good was about to happen for the franchise and the fans — the jettisoning of Thomas — you had to go and delay the inevitable by winning some games.

That’s really rotten timing.

Maybe, though, something good has already happened to the Knicks. The winning streak has coincided with Stephon Marbury’s absence from the lineup. Marbury, the moody point guard, has missed the last three games and may need surgery on his injured left ankle.

Marbury has made a career out of leaving teams (the Nets and Suns) and then having them improve. Maybe his absence is having the same effect on his current team.

Memo to the Knicks’ players: Guys, stop winning. Play …

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