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Johan Santana has been under the microscope this entire offseason. It has been noted on numerous occasions – and quickly dismissed – that Santana didn’t exactly look like an ace during his final seven starts in 2007, compiling a very un-Santana-like 5.11 ERA. However, this is the first time I am hearing whispers that Santana may been pitching through an injury. On his blog for, Buster Olney writes:

Spoke with a talent evaluator recently who thinks that if the Twins are intent on swapping Johan Santana for a relatively modest package of prospects before the start of spring training, this may reflect some concern over the pitcher’s physical condition. In the aftermath of Santana’s 17-strikeout game against the Rangers on Aug. 19, there was some evidence of diminished velocity in the left-hander, and it was noted by at least one scout that he used his slider much less often.

Well it figures. Whenever the Mets win, they actually lose. Watch Fernando Martinez bloom into MLB’s next poster child while Santana breaks down and sputters into early retirement in Queens.

As usual, MetsBlog‘s Matt Cerrone can be counted on to throw some sunshine on the scenario. Writes Cerrone:

…on the other hand, i have heard some people suggest that santana became very distracted, and dejected after last season’s trade deadline, especially after the team gave up and traded Luis Castillo, who santana is very good friends with…

Prior to the trade deadline last season, Santana had a 2.91 ERA.

He had a 4.18 after the deadline.

So we can expect him to pitch like a dynamo upon being reunited with his buddy, right? Right? Fingers crossed, Matt, fingers crossed.

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