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Friday, January 18th, 2008

Ford’s Fix for the Knicks

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If you’ve checked out today, you’ve probably seen that ESPN Insider Chad Ford offers his Fix for the Knicks today, Part I & II. Part II is Ford’s so-called “Four steps to success” and is pretty much a waste of space, to be honest. Ford tells us to 1) Buy out Stephon Marbury, 2) Trade Eddy Curry or Zach Randolph, 3) Start to dig the Knicks out of salary-cap hell, and 4) Start collecting lottery balls. Thanks a bunch, Chad. Now tell us something we don’t know.

Of greater import is Part I of Ford’s report in which he breaks down every single move during Isiah Thomas’s four year tenure, from Clarence Weatherspoon for Moochie Norris to Wilson Chandler with the No. 23 pick. I’ve long thought of tackling this exercise myself, but in truth I could never find the stomach for it. Just reading it all is pretty nauseating, and Ford attacks the task with impressive depth and vigor.

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Perhaps it’s petty of me, but just thought I’d take another dig at the New York media today, whom I lambasted a week ago for responding with doubt and derision to Joe Christensen’s report in the Star-Tribune that the Mets could have a done deal in place for Johan Santana were they to add top prospect Fernando Martinez to their existing offer.

David Lennon of Newsday flat-out contradicted the report in the Star-Tribune, even citing the paper by name. Other outlets were even less kind, contemptuously referring to the report as an “internet rumor” simply because it appeared in a Minnesota paper, not a New York one, and thus made its rounds around the blogosphere before making it to print the next morning.

So imagine our surprise when we opened up Newsday today to find a loud headline declaring “Martinez could be key to Mets getting Santana.” Great scoop, guys. Only eight days late. I guess news travels a bit …

Humberto Eager For Fresh Start

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Humberto Sanchez. Remember him? The 24-year-old, 6-6 right hander was supposedly the crown jewel of Detroit’s package for Gary Sheffield. With a nice 12-to-6 curveball to compliment his impressive plus-fastball, Sanchez, who grew up a Yankees fan in the South Bronx, was supposed to be a stud. Last Febuary, Jason Giambi had this to say of mighty righty:

He’s huge. I don’t know how you let a guy like that go. I guess when you throw 96, it’s not enough to make that ballclub. In Detroit, every player throws 100.

Unfortunately, Sanchez’s promising start to ’07 was cut short after discomfort in his elbow forced the pitcher to undergo the dreaded Tommy John surgery on April 17, 2007. And as if the daunting 12 to 18-month recovery period wasn’t bad enough, Sanchez’s return to the mound was further delayed when he found he was unable to straighten his arm due to bone spurs in the elbow that had calcified.

On, Lisa Winston pens a …

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