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thomas.jpgIf you’ve checked out today, you’ve probably seen that ESPN Insider Chad Ford offers his Fix for the Knicks today, Part I & II. Part II is Ford’s so-called “Four steps to success” and is pretty much a waste of space, to be honest. Ford tells us to 1) Buy out Stephon Marbury, 2) Trade Eddy Curry or Zach Randolph, 3) Start to dig the Knicks out of salary-cap hell, and 4) Start collecting lottery balls. Thanks a bunch, Chad. Now tell us something we don’t know.

Of greater import is Part I of Ford’s report in which he breaks down every single move during Isiah Thomas’s four year tenure, from Clarence Weatherspoon for Moochie Norris to Wilson Chandler with the No. 23 pick. I’ve long thought of tackling this exercise myself, but in truth I could never find the stomach for it. Just reading it all is pretty nauseating, and Ford attacks the task with impressive depth and vigor.

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