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christensen.jpgPerhaps it’s petty of me, but just thought I’d take another dig at the New York media today, whom I lambasted a week ago for responding with doubt and derision to Joe Christensen’s report in the Star-Tribune that the Mets could have a done deal in place for Johan Santana were they to add top prospect Fernando Martinez to their existing offer.

David Lennon of Newsday flat-out contradicted the report in the Star-Tribune, even citing the paper by name. Other outlets were even less kind, contemptuously referring to the report as an “internet rumor” simply because it appeared in a Minnesota paper, not a New York one, and thus made its rounds around the blogosphere before making it to print the next morning.

So imagine our surprise when we opened up Newsday today to find a loud headline declaring “Martinez could be key to Mets getting Santana.” Great scoop, guys. Only eight days late. I guess news travels a bit slower here in the media capital of the world. Via Lennon’s colleague Ken Davidoff in Newsday:

“I sense that [the Mets] have got a deal if Martinez is in it,” an industry official familiar with Minnesota’s trade discussions said. Of course, the Mets’ package also would have to include some mix of outfielder Carlos Gomez and pitchers Deolis Guerra, Philip Humber and Kevin Mulvey.

To cap it off, Davidoff ends his article by relaying further information from Christensen’s recent reports in the Star-Tribune. So a week after discrediting the guy, he’s now your go-to source for the latest buzz and information? Give me a break.

Word to the wise, fans: If you’re looking to keep up on the latest Santana developments as spring training fast approaches, go straight to the source.

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  1. 1 On January 21st, 2008, Elizabeth said:

    I’d be more enthusiastic about the Star-Tribune had they not be almost completely off-base in just about every single stage of the Santana game. They’ve reported inaccurately on at least four different occasions. The Minnesota sports coverage reminds me a bit of the Chicago coverage of the supposed Cubs/Orioles trade, which, for the record, they had to claim fell apart so as to cover themselves when they realized it was never going to happen in the first place. The Star-Tribune reported at least three times after the winter meetings that a Boston deal was imminent. Guess what? No Boston deal materialized.

  2. 2 On January 21st, 2008, gozer said:

    of course, every media outlet in the country reported that Santana to Boston was a done deal during the winter meetings

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