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phil_hughes.jpgIf you are a New York Yankees’ fan — or a fan of any baseball team with a young pitching phenom — you have to stop by Peter Abraham’s fantastic LoHud Yankees Blog.

There, a guest post from Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus describes in painstaking detail why the Yankees would be taking an immense risk with the futures of Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy if any or all of them spends most of the 2008 season in New York’s starting rotation.

Here’s a snippet of Carroll’s piece.

With Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, and Joba Chamberlain all likely to see increases, their handling will be one of the key tasks facing Joe Girardi, who it should be noted was responsible for two of the injured players (Sanchez and Scott Olson) from the Verducci list. Hughes was limited by injury to just 72 innings. The 100 inning threshhold is a minimum expectation for the Yankees No. 3, making him a very high risk player for the future, especially when he starts the season at age 21. The usage of Hughes is almost impossible to avoid, so the options seem to be use him and hope he holds up — or include him in a package for Johan Santana, who’s proven he can handle that kind of workload.

Go read the rest of the piece. It’s well-researched, and pretty darn scary if you’re a Yankees fan.

(– Read more of Ed Valentine’s work at Big Blue View and Valentine’s Views.)

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