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Who would’ve thought Marek Malik would be worth this much ink? Or bandwidth, as the case may be.

Following the defenseman’s mysterious vanishing act, the subsequent revelation that the defenseman had been disciplined for refusing to shake his head coach’s hand, and the trade rumors that have swirled in the controversy’s wake, it now appears that Malik was back on the ice today for practice in anticipations of tomorrow’s matchup with Carolina.

What does it all mean? Should we consider the team’s “internal matter” over and done with? I don’t know. It stands to reason that it’s tough to trade a guy unless he’s able to showcase his stuff on the ice (though in Malik’s case it might more closely resemble a broom closet than a showcase). In any event, it’ll be interesting to see if the naughty neanderthal is in uniform tomorrow night against the Hurricanes. I would guess not, but you never know…

UPDATE from the go-to blogger, the Journal News’ Sam Weinman:

Malik spoke for five minutes to a bunch of us. He said he was unhappy that his intentional snub last week, when he refused to shake Renney’s hand after Tuesday’s win, somehow was made public. But he said the whole thing was not about trying to disrespect anyone.

“The only thing I can tell you guys is my gesture or statement when I didn’t shake Tom’s hand wasn’t anything personal about anybody on this team, the coaches, the organization, or my teammates” he said “It was just my personal statement about my situation here. But it was not to disrespect anyone.”

Of course, that’s the way it was interpreted, so Malik may still have some work to do in winning back the affections of his teammates. As for Renney, he said Malik is on the roster, part of the team, and could even play tomorrow against the Canes.

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