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wagner1.jpgIf you’re a fan of SNY’s Mets Hot Stove Report, be sure to tune in tonight when the network’s Kevin Burkhardt talks with Mets closer Billy Wagner. Not surprisingly, Wagner has a few words that are more than a little provocative.

According to Matt Cerrone’s MetsBlog, Wagner tells Burkhardt that he would rank both the Phillies and Braves ahead of the Mets as the NL East stands today.

That’s right, Mets fans, no “team to beat” words of bravado from Billy the Kid. Instead, expect no better than a third place finish, so says your closer.

If you recall, earlier this offseason Wagner got himself all bent out of shape over the departures of Tom Glavine and Paul Lo Duca. Now he wants to antagonize a fan base that is looking for leadership and heart from its veterans following the team’s pathetic September belly flop. Enough already.

Honestly, I had seen and heard enough from this clown since the moment he put on a Mets uniform. Much like the over-hyped Trevor Hoffman, Wagner is a guy that piles up his saves in meaningless spots and has shown zero guts when it matters. Would I prefer a guy like that to a guy like Braden Looper who couldn’t even seal the deal in a meaningless game? Of course. Nevertheless, it’s hardly a profile that is going to endear you to fans, and running your mouth off at every turn does not help matters either.

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