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bernie.jpgBern, Baby, Bern!

That’s John Sterling’s home run call from days gone by when the ex-Yankee great was hitting home runs in pinstripes. It’s appropriate to recall today, since burning is pretty much what Bernie Williams is doing these days when he thinks about the Yankees and Brian Cashman.

Remember last spring, when Bernie wanted to play, and wanted a guaranteed contract to do so? All the Yankees offered him was a Spring Training invite and no guarantees.

GM Brian Cashman re-opened this wound with comments a couple of nights ago. From Peter Abraham’s LoHud Yankees Blog.

Speaking at William Paterson University in New Jersey at an event with Theo Epstein, Cashman said Williams spent too much time with his music career “and that took away from his play” on the field.

Cashman said Williams had a “terrible season” in 2005 and that former manager Joe Torre was wrong to play Williams as often as he did in 2006 because better players were available.

Williams took offense to that.

“I don’t think he has any basis to say anything like that,” he said. “Let me put it this way: Questioning a person’s commitment to the team is a very serious accusation, at least in my book.”

This is a shame. Williams was a terrific player during the great Yankee run of the late 1990s and always carried himself with dignity.

The Yankees were right not to want him in 2007 — his skills had eroded to where he was a liability in the field. Williams, after all he had done for the team during his career, had every right to turn the Yankees invitation down. It is unfortunate, though, that Williams and the Yankees haven’t been able to patch up their differences.

It sure would be nice to see a Bernie Williams Day at Yankee Stadium before the Yankees move into their new home in 2009.

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