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In the history of the franchise, the payroll of the Mets has never exceeding $117 million, a high water mark they set in 2003 during the ill-fated Mo Vaughn, Roberto Alomar, Jeromy Burnitz era. In ’07 the team came close, sporting a payroll roughly at $115 million. However 2008 figures to be a historic year for the Amazin’s, according to Adam Rubin on his Daily News blog.

Rubin writes that “even if Santana doesn’t get a signing bonus or other bump to the $13.25 million he’s due to make in 2008, the Mets’ payroll will be at an all-time high – an estimated $128 million.”

scrooge_mcduck.jpgEven so, that figure does not even approach the luxury tax threshold, which the Wilpons have avoided like the plague for years. The tax, which last season penalized teams sporting a team payroll exceeding $148 million, will rise to $155 million for the 2008 season and $162 million in 2009. By 2011, the luxury tax threshold will reach $178 million. Bottom line, even with Santana’s potentially record deal, the team will remain comfortably below the tax threshold.

Since the penalty was introduced the 2003, only the Yankees, Red Sox, and Angels have ever exceeded the threshold.

The Angels did so in 2004, but owed a relatively paltry $927,059. Boston has paid the tax in each of the last four seasons, paying out $13.86 million during that span.

The Yankees, however, take the cake. The spend-happy franchise has been subjected to the tax in each of the five years of its existence, and have paid over $100 million worth of luxury taxes in the process.

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