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Johan Santana is coming to New York. That’s exciting – even if you’re a Yankee fan. No he’s not coming to the Bronx, but he isn’t going to Boston either, and for the Yankees, that’s the best part.

johansantana-blue.JPGOf course the Bronx would’ve welcomed Santana with open arms but at the expense of phenom Phil Hughes and fan favorite Melky Cabrera, there might’ve been some negative backlash. The Yankees could’ve gotten Johan months ago, but Yanks GM Brian Cashman was against the idea because the Twins wanted the Yanks to part with their top young pitchers (a combination of Hughes, Ian Kennedy, and Joba Chamberlian.) The Twins asking price was just too high for Brian’s liking and so Santana ends up taking the 7 train to Queens instead of the 4 train to the Bronx.

The Red Sox were also on the verge of acquiring Santana, it was all set, just needed the trigger to be pulled and it would’ve been offical. But something happened….both the Yankees and the Red Sox realized the Twins were using them in a game of cat and mouse and wanted each team to up the ante with prospects and prospects and more prospects. Both teams decided to stand their ground, with each proposing their “best offer” to Minnesota. The Twins decided not to take them. Bad move on their part. They overplayed their hand big-time and for them being greedy, they end up losing.

I have to commend Cashman on sticking to his guns and putting up a fight to keep his young prized pitchers. He has developed an abundance of young talent over the last few years and has finally realized that over paying for All-Stars doesn’t result in a championship. The equation for success is to build a nucleus of talent and let them grow and develop together. That worked for the last Yankee dynasty, let’s just hope Cashman is right about these young three and it ends with the same result.

the-cash-man.jpgIt was a great trade for the Mets. I mean they pratically stole Santana and now it’s puts them as the elite team in the National League again. That’s great and all, I’m really happy for them. I’m just glad he didn’t end up in Boston. Could you imagine the 1-2 punch of Josh Beckett and Johan Santana? The thought scared me so much it made me question the Yankees’ stance on the issue and question the franchise. They had a chance to acquire the best pitcher in baseball and if they didn’t, they’d risk Johan going up to Fenway. Cashman and the Yankees held firm as they refused to be suckered into the Twins’ evil scheme. Boston GM Theo Epstien was right along with Cashman on the same path. He didn’t give in either. It turns out both parties win. Not only did Santana not end up in Boston or the Bronx, but he’s out of the American League. I’d say thats a victory for both teams.

Now with this Santana business behind them, it’s time to focus on Spring Training, which is only two weeks away. It’s time to see if Cashman’s idea to hold on to his youth was pure genius or pure stupidity. Only time will tell, but Brian’s a smart man, and the Yankees entrust him with making the big decisions. If his word is good enough for the Yanks, then it’s good enough for me. While Johan makes a splash at Shea, the Yanks will continue their winning ways with the Young 3, so we hope…right Brian?

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