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UPDATE No. 2: According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the Mets and Santana are close to agreeing to a five- or six-year contract extension that will average roughly $21.5 million per.

UPDATE: Jayson Stark on is reporting that Team Omar and Team Johan are in fact “far enough apart” that it seems increasingly likely that talks will continue right up to Friday’s 5 p.m. deadline, and could even collapse altogether, though Stark writes that “the odds of that appear remote.”

The report would seem to clash with what Cerrone had reported above – that the sides were haggling over bonuses and options rather than dollars and years. However, I swore during the Santana Saga that I would never doubt MetsBlog, so as odd as it sounds, I’m taking ESPN’s report with a grain of salt…for now.

money_coins.jpgAccording to Matt Cerrone’s MetsBlog, the Mets and Johan Santana were in negotiations for most of the day yesterday and through the evening. The buzz seems to be that the sides are fairly close on the guaranteed money and years, and are now negotiating various bonuses and performance options.

A report in the Star-Tribune this morning from La Velle E. Neal III (best name in baseball) indicated that the two sides could agree to a six-year deal worth around $130 million. However, according to the Pioneer Press, the sides have discussed a six-year deal worth more than $150 million, including a $7 million signing bonus and performance incentives.

Yikes. Of course, everyone knew the sort astronomical money that would be involved here, and the Mets would not have pulled the trigger on this had they not made their peace with the price tag. Now it’s just a matter of crossing those T’s and dotting those I’s, and hoping this saga has finally reached its resolution.

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