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Friday, February 1st, 2008

$hea Hey to $antana! Ace Signs Record Deal

Mets Rumors & News

Mets, Johan agree to $150.75 million deal

Mets, Johan Granted Two-Hour Extension

Mets Rumors & News

According to WFAN, the Mets have asked for, and been granted, an extension from Major League Baseball in order to finalize a contract with Johan Santana. Such extensions are only granted when the league is provided with evidence that a deal is imminent, and thus, represents a very good sign for nervous Met fans.

Nets swap Collins for Swift

Nets Rumors & News

According to the Bergen Record, the Nets will acquire athletic power forward Stromile Swift from the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for Jason Collins.

Swift should be a good fit in the Nets’ uptempo transition game…but not without Jason Kidd.

Andy Could Spill Beans On Rocket

Yankees Rumors & News

“Based on Andy’s reputation for honesty, we expect him to answer these questions.”

That from Earl Ward, attorney for Brian McNamee, the now infamous trainer who has accused Roger Clemens of abusing steroids during his career in major league baseball. According to the Daily News, Ward believes that when the Congressional committee deposes Andy Pettitte on Monday, “one focus of the deposition, according to Brian McNamee’s lawyer, may be an offseason conversation about performance-enhancing drugs the Yankee pitcher had with former teammate Roger Clemens and McNamee.” Via the Daily News:

McNamee overheard Clemens and Pettitte talking about performance-enhancing drugs, according to Ward. Pettitte allegedly then turned to the trainer and said, “Why didn’t you tell me about this stuff?”

McNamee, according to Ward and the Mitchell Report, discouraged Pettitte from using human growth hormone, but when Pettitte suffered a career-threatening elbow injury several months later, early in the 2002 season, he again asked McNamee about HGH.

This whole saga long ago tumbled into the realm of soap operas, however, how dramatic would …

Mets Rumors & News

Interesting update courtesy of‘s Jon Heyman. According to Heyman, it is believed that the players union has been putting pressure on Santana and his agents, Peter and Ed Greenberg, “to beat the $150-million threshold, as Santana is setting the standard for pitchers and will likely affect the salaries of other top-of-the-line starters.”

If true, it’s unfortunate for the Mets since it certainly reduces the odds that the ace will accept any sort of discount that he may have otherwise been inclined to accept in order to land with his team of choice.

According to Heyman, the sides now appear likely to agree on a six-year contract extention that would pay Santana “close to $22 million a year” and additionaly add about $7 million to Santana’s salary in ’08, bringing the total value of the contract to $152 million.

Sounds good to me. Let’s get it done, boys.

Casey Goes To Bat For Sox

Yankees Rumors & News

Via Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe:

The Red Sox today agreed to one-year, $800,000 deal with lefthanded hitting first baseman Sean Casey, pending a physical.

Casey will serve primarily in a backup role to Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis.

I know his power numbers have dropped off the Earth, but the guy is a career .301 hitter, sported a .296 AVG last season, and is known for being one of the best clubhouse guys in baseball. Surprising that Casey couldn’t find a regular job somewhere, or at least a backup role that figures to see more at-bats than he will in Boston. In any event, a great addition for the Red Sox.

Morgan who?

Santana Could Make Concessions

Mets Rumors & News

UPDATE: According to MetsBlog, ESPN 1050’s Andrew Marchand is reporting that Santana “will likely make some small concessions in his contract negotiations because he wants to be a Met.”

originally posted on February 1st, 2008 12:00 PM

It’s been reported in various news outlets by now, so let’s review the latest developments in the Mets negotiations with Johan Santana.

Santana is under contract for the 2008 season earning $13.25 million. The Mets would like to extend that deal for an additional five seasons at roughly $22.5 per, bringing the total guaranteed money of the contract up to $125.75 million over six years. The Mets are also willing to include a vesting option (believed to be tied to innings pitched) that would add a sixth year to the extension and pay the ace roughly $148 million over seven years. It’s also possible that the Mets would consider a signing bonus that would compensate Santana for his “paltry” salary in ’08, and potentially bring the money nearer to $160 million.

That last …

Pedro Wants Extension

Mets Rumors & News

How’s that for an inflammatory headline?

No, Pedro Martinez hasn’t demanded an extension from the Mets (though it’s very possible that it’s been discussed internally), however according to a report in the New York Post today, Pedro’s agent, Fernando Cuza seems to be laying the groundwork for negotiations in the not-too-distant future.

“As long as he’s able to pitch without the discomfort and the pain, he’s going to want to play for a long time,” Cuza said. “He enjoys the game.”

Pedro remains confident and energized following his triumphant return to the mound last September, in which he was the sole bright spot for a tumbling Mets club. Pedro went 3-1 with a 2.57 ERA in five starts that month, recording 32 strikeouts and walking only seven through 28 innings of work.

Pedro’s performance certainly was impressive, and he once again proved to all his doubters that he is one of the most intelligent and savvy pitchers in the game’s modern era, and that even with an 88 mph fastball …

Giants will find a way to win

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I have been trying to convince myself to come right out and say it for a while now, so here it is — the Giants are going to win on Sunday.

Why not?

There is no logical argument you can make that shows that the Giants are a better football team than the 18-0 juggernaut known as the New England Patriots. But, there is also no reason the 12-point underdog Giants can’t do this.

They have spent the entire season doing things nobody thought they could do.

• They have been better after the retirement of their best player, Tiki Barber, than they were with him.

• They have won a single-season record 10 consecutive games on the road.

• Tom Coughlin has gone from a guy likely to be kicked to the curb to a guy who is going to be with the Giants for several more years.

• Since an 0-2 start in which they looked horrible, the Giants have gone 13-4.

• On the road the Giants won playoff games …

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