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Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

New York and Boston : A Tale of Two Cities

Giants Rumors & News

More genius from the mind of Ryan Parker to get you pumped up for Sunday’s game. Jerry, George and Kramer against Woody, Cliff and Norm…I love it.

More videos from the “ryanparkersongs’s channel” channel at

HSNY Predicts the Super Bowl

Giants Rumors & News

Hot Stove Nation weighs in with our Super Bowl predictions.

Ed Valentine:

Can I tell you how they are going to do it? No. Can I tell you the Giants have clear advantages in any phase of Sunday’s matchup? No. Can I say the Giants should win Sunday? No.

But, I believe that they will.

Led by Coughlin, this is not a pretty team. But, it is a team that plays hard and believes that no matter what the circumstances it will find a way to get the job done. More often that not, it has.

I believe that, against the odds, that will again be the case on Sunday.

Prediction: Giants 31, Patriots 27

Jon Buzby:

Common sense would tell you that New England should win easily. Eli Manning is due for a bad game and Tom Brady has already had his. Plaxico Burress has played over his head and Randy Moss is anxious to have a big game. One coach is brilliant, the other, well, you decide.

Belichick has some ungodly winning …

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