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Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Meet the Met! Santana Introduced at Shea

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Below are some photos from today’s press conference at Shea Stadium introducing Johan Santana as the newest member of the New York Mets, via ESPN’s Photo Wire.

Avery, Malik Trade Blows In Heated Practice

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Via Sam Weinman’s Rangers Report:

If I hadn’t seen Sean Avery and Marek Malik throwing punches at one another during practice today, I wouldn’t have believed it.

But what had been a mere one-on-one battle during drills today quickly escalated into shoves and then an all-out fight between the 6-foot-6 Malik and the 5-10 Avery, lasting maybe 30 seconds before it eventually ended. For those scoring at home, we’ll call it Malik by TKO.

Words were exchanged after that. At one point, Avery could be heard saying, “Why don’t you play like that in a game?”

In the awkward aftermath, Tom Renney skated over to Malik and said, “Good job, big guy.”

I’m not sure if hearing this makes me feel better or worse about last night’s pathetic let-down loss to the Kings. After surging to their best win of the season on Sunday in Montreal, the Blueshirts were embarrassed on their home ice by the league’s worst team. Where was this passion last night at the Garden?

Shaq To the Suns | Can You Dig It?

When Pau Gasol was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers last week, we decided to let the news slip by here because A) An improved Lakers team means very little to New York and the Knicks, and B) We were irritated that Isiah Thomas didn’t peddle Zach Randolph off to LA in exchange for a similar package of expiring contracts and draft picks.

However, today’s rumor that Shaquille O’Neal could be headed to Phoenix in exchange for Shawn Marion is simply too huge a story in the NBA for us to ignore.

According to, Miami has agreed on the swap and is now waiting for the Suns to complete a medical exam of Shaq and “formally accept what would rank as one of the most unexpected trades in league history.”

The move is a big risk for Phoenix, who will now be on the hook for the two years and $40 million remaining on Shaq’s contract, and additionally will be adding an aging, plodding veteran to the league’s most high-octane offense. …

Mets Rumors & News

Johan Santana will be introduced to the media today at Shea Stadium. The press conference is scheduled for 1 p.m. and will air live on SNY and

UPDATE: Photos from the press conference here.

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