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Friday, February 8th, 2008

McNamee Claims Clemens’ Wife Took HGH

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EDIT: For more coverage of the Roger Clemens Congressional Hearings, check out our live blog of the hearings.

Via the Daily News:

Brian McNamee told congressional investigators Thursday that he injected Roger Clemens’ wife with human growth hormone before she appeared with the pitcher in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue in 2003, according to a Washington source.

This is really getting ridiculous. They’ve turned next week’s hearings into must-see TV.

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For the cruel and curious, here’s the full video.

Pedro Martinez y Marichal en pelea de gallosby paginafea

Pedro’s “Fowl Play” Fallout

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In the wake of yesterday’s hubbub which saw Pedro Martinez and Juan Marichal caught on tape taking part in a cockfight, PETA has issued its requisite demand for a public apology, while the Mets and Martinez released similar statements pointing to the legality and cultural significance of cockfighting in the Dominican Republic.

As you can imagine, the story doesn’t end there, as every major paper has their reaction to the story this morning.

Tim Marchman of The New York Sun pens one of the more interesting and thought-provoking responses this morning, succinctly examining society’s level of outrage to our various fallen heroes in the sports arena.

In the article Marchman opines that the Michael Vick scandal has, for better or worse, changed the way we view an incident such as this. Writes Marchman:

From Martinez’s perspective, he has little more real reason to be ashamed than he would if he’d been spotted at a rodeo. Unlike Vick, he has broken no law, written or unwritten. …

Which Giants should be in Hawaii?

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I don’t know if I can say it’s embarrassing for the NFL, but it sure is entertaining as hell that only one player from the Super Bowl champion Giants — God, I love writing that — will play in this weekend’s Pro Bowl.

By the way, it looks like that player could be Michael Strahan. Apparently, Osi Umenyiora is sick and may be sent home. Strahan is the first alternate.

Anyway, if voters could get a do-over today, which Giants would be in Hawaii?

ESPN’s Mike McAllister comes up with this list:

• Chris Snee, Eli Manning, Plaxico Burress, Madison Hedgecock and Justin Tuck. Add Strahan and Umenyiora to that list and I would think it would be pretty much on target.

Who would you guys add or subtract from that list? The Pro Bowl roster can be found here.

(– Read more of Ed Valentine’s Giants’ coverage at Big Blue View.)

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