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Monday, February 11th, 2008

Kidd Threatens Thorn | Mavs Deny Interest

Nets Rumors & News

The NBA’s trade deadline is just 10 days away and the Jason Kidd situation is still unresolved. The Dallas Mavericks have been rumored as a potential landing spot for Kidd since the superstar guard went public with his trade demands, and the NBA continues to wait to see whether or not the Mavs, who have watched Conference rivals L.A. and Phoenix bolster their rosters in recent days, will take the bait.

As if the schedule makers had a crystal ball, it so happens that the Mavs were in town last night, falling to the Nets in a surprising 101-82 rout at the Meadowlands. The game, however, was a mere sidebar to the topic on everyone’s minds, and prior to the game, reporters took the opportunity to question omnipresent Mavs owner Mark Cuban on the swirling Kidd rumors. Via the Daily News:

“For us to make the numbers work in a deal like that, we’d have to trade away half the team,” Cuban added, before settling into his first-row …

Fassel jilted, but ends up better off

Giants Rumors & News

So, Jim Fassel got screwed by Daniel Snyder. He shouldn’t be surprised, and he should consider himself lucky.

Not getting hired to work for that jerk probably saves Fassel a lot of aggravation. Gentleman Jim has been on the outside looking in since the Giants fired him in 2003, and this may have been his last best shot at getting another NFL head-coaching job, but in the end my guess is Fassel will wind up happy Snyder left him at the altar.

To review, weeks ago it seemed Snyder had settled on Fassel, even going so far as to give Fassel input into the coordinators he hired — including Jim Zorn, who ended up with the job Fassel thought was his.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sportsline does a much better job shredding Snyder than I ever could. So, here is some of what Prisco had to say.

Snyder makes as much money as any owner in the league. He’s a master at it, in fact. For that, he should be lauded.
But football-wise, he …

Barber is still blabbing about the Giants

Giants Rumors & News

Why can’t Tiki Barber just go away once and for all and leave the Giants alone?

It seems that Blabber, with a huge assist from William C. Rhoden of the New York Times, is claiming some credit for helping the Giants win Super Bowl XLII.

“I feel great joy for them because I know in a lot of ways I helped a lot of guys on that team,” Blabber told Rhoden.

Blabber, who of course was famously critical of eventual Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, is now also trying to take some of the credit for Eli’s transformation.

“In this case, it (the criticism) made him stand up and I guess become aware,” Blabber told Rhoden.

Rhoden, a veteran writer who should know better, falls all over himself agreeing and trying to give Blabber undeserved credit.

Retiring star players often set the foundation for future success. In Barber’s case, his criticism of Coach Tom Coughlin and of Manning might have paid dividends this season. You can argue that Barber’s tactics became too public. But often, …

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