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Thursday, February 14th, 2008
Yankees Rumors & News

Maybe I’m the only one who bothered to read these depositions or maybe I’m just not reading the right news outlets, but for all the coverage of yesterday’s congressional hearings and Andy Pettitte’s testimony against his friend Roger Clemens, there are some key bits of information that aren’t being discussed in the public forum.

Everything we’re hearing concerns Pettitte’s recollection of Clemens admitting to HGH use, and indeed that recollection appeared to be the sole focus of the congressional committee yesterday. However more interesting to me personally is a section in Andy’s deposition in which he admits to discussing Clemens’ use of anabolic steroids with trainer Brian McNamee in 2003 or 2004. From Andy’s deposition:

PETTITTE: We were training in my gym. And I can just remember, you know, Mac telling me that Roger, you know, that he had gotten steroids for Roger.
QUESTION: Was it just you and McNamee there at the time?
QUESTION: Do you remember anything else about it?
PETTITTE: I just — I remember that Mac was upset. I just …

Santana On the Mound

Mets Rumors & News

It’s an exciting time to be a Mets fan. Photos below.

Via Newsday:

Under a deep blue sky and brilliant sunshine, Johan Santana took the mound for his first bullpen session Thursday morning.

In fact, a bunch of the pitchers stopped their own workouts to come over and watch. John Maine, Joe Smith and Mike Pelfrey were hanging over the fence like gawking autograph seekers.

Legends Field Renamed After Big Stein

Yankees Rumors & News

Interesting gesture by Hank and Hal. This is the sort of move you make after someone has already passed on, isn’t it?

Well in any event, the Steinbrenner brothers have announced that the team will rename its spring training complex, Legends Field, after their father, George M. Steinbrenner. Said the elder Steinbrenner:

“I am humbled and flattered to have this outstanding and totally unexpected honor conferred on me. I extend my thanks to the Tampa City Council and to the Hillsborough County Commissioners for passing resolutions suggesting and recommending the change. I also thank my family for supporting the renaming of the stadium and for everything they have done for so many years that helped bring about this great day.”

And a word from the sons:

“Our father has always made clear how much he values Tampa’s role in playing host to the New York Yankees’ Spring Training and the Tampa Yankees. The outpouring of community support for this name change has been wonderful to watch, and we’re very grateful for …

Reese says Shockey is staying

Giants Rumors & News

It looks like you can expect Jeremy Shockey to be a New York Giant next season. So says Giants’ GM Jerry Reese.

Reese told Newsday’s Arthur Staple that he fully expects Shockey to be a Giant next season.

There has been plenty of discussion, here and elsewhere, about what the Giants should do with the supremely talented, yet emotional and often inconsistent tight end.

After all, we know that the Giants went on their historic Super Bowl run after Shockey, who was having an enigmatic season, was lost with a broken leg.

It stands to reason, many would argue, that since the Giants played better after he got hurt that they are a better team without Shockey.

Shockey and Eli Manning often seemed to miscommunicate throughout the season, and Shockey seemed frustrated. Yet, Manning called the theory that the Giants are better without Shockey “stupid.”

I have thought about this a lot, and I would have to agree. Kevin Boss flashes a great deal of ability, and may one day approach the level Shockey is …

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