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Friday, February 15th, 2008

Pedro Being Pedro

Mets Rumors & News

Scanning the headlines this morning, you’ll notice that “the Profile du Jour is Pedro Martinez,” as Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog puts it.

Interestingly, the pitcher seems to have spent little time discussing his affinity for cocks, and instead managed to turn the conversation to his domination of the steroid era. He has a magical way with words, that Pedro. Via the Times:

“Yeah, I hurt because I did it clean, because I never had anything against the clean game of baseball. That’s why I was a prima donna. That’s why I hurt. That’s why I don’t pitch 33 outings every year. Because I have a small frame, and I did it clean. And all I could take was two Aleves or two Advil, a cup of coffee, a little mangu and an egg, and go out there and let it go and face everybody that’s out there. And you know what? That’s the era I dominated.”

Pedro on the addition of Johan …

Rangers Rumors & News

update by gozer…The final figures: six-years, $41.25 million, or roughly $6.875 million per season. That sum is second only to Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, who will earn $7 million next season. I’m not saying the Rangers shouldn’t have done it; I’m just saying that’s a ton of money for a team that’s already committed $86.75 million to a pair of franchise pivots. I might feel differently if the King weren’t 13th in the league in GAA, 27th in save percentage, and just three games over .500 on the year. He does look great in a suit however.
originally posted on february 13th, 2008…

It took the Rangers seven seasons to get back to the playoffs, but on Tuesday they made a move which should keep them a contender for the next six years.

The Rangers and goaltender Henrik Lundqvist reached a preliminary agreement yesterday believed to be worth $6.5 million for 6 seasons according to the NY Daily News.

The Rangers and their …

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