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Monday, February 18th, 2008

Andy Speaks

Yankees Rumors & News

It seems like Andy made the best of a bad situation today. I am a bit surprised to find him so composed, however. If he can face a horde of media in Tampa, Florida, why couldn’t he face congress last week? Pettitte’s deposition is pretty damning, however, it would’ve been nice to hear it from his own lips. Below you’ll find some video from the press conference today, courtesy of ESPN.

With Another Win, Comes Another Loss

Islanders Rumors & News

Making a miraculous 3rd period comeback came at a price for the Islanders. Defenseman Andy Sutton suffered what appeared to be a left hamstring injury with only seconds left in the game. After delivering a big hit on Sharks forward Jeremy Roenick, Sutton stayed on his feet for a few moments but collapsed to the ice, doubled over in pain.

With the Islanders down by 2 in the 3rd, the team was sparked by Andy Hilbert, who forced his way towards the net and pounded home a rebound. Minutes later Mike Comrie made a great move, putting the puck between the legs of the defenseman and passed goalie Evgeni Nabokov to tie the game. Then with 8:41 left in the game, Freddy Meyer streaked down the far side boards and threw a prayer at the net that found its way between Nabokov’s pads to give the Islanders the victory.

Winning 4 in a row is sweet, but having 4 defensemen injured, leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

Could Curry Interest Riley?

Knicks Rumors & News

Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune loves making up NBA trade rumors and we love reading them. Today, Sam’s got a pretty juicy one concerning the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks.

According to Smith, Pat Riley is too quiet. Ironic given the mammoth Shaquille O’Neal-for-Shawn Marion trade he just executed, but Smith writes, “if you tell me Riley is building a team around Dwyane Wade and Shawn Marion, I tell you that you don’t know Riley and you don’t know NBA history. Pat “Small Ball” Riley? I don’t think so.”

Who then might be on Riley’s radar? Might the team let Marion’s deal expire at the end of the season and make a run at a guy like Elton Brand? Or might Pat hang onto his newest acquisition and use his expiring assets to acquire a young big man at the trade deadline?

If Riley were to choose the latter route, Smith proposes a deal of Eddy Curry in exchange for the expiring contracts of Jason Williams and Ricky Davis. …

Giants Rumors & News

According to Madden Gods, a site and forum dedicated to all things Madden, “early reports and whispers” indicate that EA Sports is currently in negotiations with Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning to appear on the cover of Madden 09.

The rumor was picked up by Deadspin and Big Blue View, among others.

Were Manning to accept the “honor,” you can kiss your ’08-’09 season goodbye, Giants fans. While immune to New England’s pass rush, I doubt even Eli would prove immune to the Madden Curse, an urban legend that continues to gain strength each year. Most recently 08 cover boy Vince Young suffered through a statistically horrendous season with 9 TDs and 17 INTs.

True or not, it offers a good excuse to mess around in Photoshop (see: right).

Maybe Goodell isn’t such a good guy after all

Giants Rumors & NewsJets Rumors & News

Roger Goodell enjoyed a tremendous first year as NFL commissioner. He was widely lauded for his tough-guy stance in cleaning up off-the-field behavior, and for taking a draft pick from the New England Patriots in the wake of Spygate.

Goodell was the new sheriff in town, walking tall, carrying a big stick and re-writing the rules to clean up his league’s image.

The honeymoon, though, appears to be over.

First, Goodell found himself in the crosshairs of Sen. Arlen Specter after the revelation that Spygate went much deeper than a little taping of the New York Jets’ signals. He looks especially bad trying to explain why he arrogantly burned the Spygate evidence.

Now comes an accusation from Kathy Urbanski, wife of Tommy Urbanski, paralyzed in the nightclub shooting incident allegedly sparked by PacMan Jones, that the league has abandoned the Urbanskis despite promises to help them cover their mounting medical costs.

Goodell, of course, was lauded for dealing harshly with Jones, whom he suspended for the 2007 season.

The Urbanskis, though, say the league has …

Matinee Matchup

Islanders Rumors & News

After one of the most dominant performances in recent memory, the Islanders take on the San Jose Sharks this afternoon.

Riding a 2 game winning streak, the Islanders faced off against the Atlanta Thrashers Saturday night. Outshooting the Thrashers 49-10 the Islanders rolled to a 4-1 victory. Relying heavily on the line of Trent Hunter-Josef Vasicek-Ruslan Fedotenko, the Islanders were not dissapointed. Fedotenko had yet another goal(five in his last five games) with Vasicek and Hunter getting the assists. The only thing the Thrashers left with Saturday night, was a souvenir Rick DiPietro bobble head.

The Sharks, coming off a tough loss to the New York Rangers yesterday, may be ripe for the picking. Their game yesterday was very physical and it would not be surprising to the see the Sharks come out flat-footed. The Islanders will need to continue what they have been doing: throwing the puck at the net and using their size to cash in on rebounds and screens.

Rangers Keep Young D-Men

Rangers Rumors & News

Just days after the Rangers announced the extension of their franchise goalie they also locked up two of their young defensemen for the next couple of years.

Dan Girardi and Fedor Tyutin, defensive partners on the ice, both signed multi-year extensions over the weekend.

Girardi was the first to re-up when signed a two-year $3.1 million extension on Saturday that will pay him $1.5 million in 2008-09 and $1.6 million in 2009-10. Then Tyutin received a four-year $11.4 million deal on Sunday which will keep him on Broadway through the 2011-12 season.

Girardi, 23-years old, got quite a raise from the $550,000 he was making this season, but $1.5 million is still not bad for a second-pair defenseman whose skills are likely to increase.

“I’m really happy about it,” Girardi told Newsday. “I wasn’t worried about it; I let my agent handle it. I’m not thinking about those two years right now; it’s getting into sync for a good playoff run.”

Tyutin, 24-years old, is getting an even …

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