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isiah.jpgSince walking through the doors of Madison Square Garden on December 22nd, 2003, Isiah Thomas has promised Knicks fan a new era; one filled with hope, laced with championship banners aligning the Garden’s rafters.  Four years later and we’re still waiting.

According to Frank Isola of the Daily News, “Thomas was reluctant to make any moves before last Thursday’s trade deadline because ‘he didn’t want to break anything up’ and that ‘the team was headed in the right direction.'”

Excuse me, direction to where? As of right now, the Knicks have no plan nor direction. 

Even the Miami Heat, the worst team in the league, have some semblance of hope. Their unloading of Shaquille O’Neal cleared up cap space and enabled the team to have the flexablity to make some decision down the road.

However, unlike the Heat, Thomas’ inactivity and dogged stubborness, assures next season to be just as harsh as this one. The rebuilding process, which should have started years earlier, is only being delayed.

Sure Thomas stock piled the Knicks with tremendous individual talents but he’s done so without direction nor semblance of a style of play in which that talent could best perform. His pairing of forward Zach Randolph and center Eddy Curry has only proved one thing: two bigs who can’t defend won’t get you wins.

Until Thomas begins rebuilding the team with a distinct idea of how they should play, the Knicks’ direction will continue to point downward.

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