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The Mets were obliterated 7-0 in their spring training matchup with the red birds yesterday afternoon, however, the score was a secondary item compared to the news that Duaner Sanchez was scratched from his scheduled appearance against the Cards in Jupiter and instead will appear today in Port St. Lucie. Fine by me, since the game will be televised on SNY today, and hopefully we can all get a first-hand look at the recovering reliever. Via the Daily News’ Adam Rubin:

“Sometimes you’re a little sore or whatever,” [Willie] Randolph said. “It’s early in the spring. Just pushed back a day. He’ll be ready to go tomorrow. … It’s nothing to be concerned about. Sometimes guys, day-to-day, are a little sore. It could be anywhere on their body. And that’s what he said he was, so he’s pushed back a day. Don’t read into that any more than the fact that every pitcher sometimes will get up in the morning and not feel right.”

So with that said, let’s read into this a bit more. It’s not so much the “little sore” that bothers me as much as the “whatever.” Bottom line: any setback involving Duaner’s health is big news in MetLand since the bullpen suddenly does not look so strong without him. And let’s face it, though a lot of us are pinning are hopes on this guy’s surgically repaired shoulder, the odds aren’t exactly stacked in his favor. Writes the New York Sun’s Tim Marchman (via Hot Foot):

The only other major league pitcher who comes to mind as having broken his shoulder is Brad Radke, and he had to retire. So while I hope Sanchez has a great comeback, I wouldn’t count on it.

Whatever. Right, Willie?

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