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Lastings Milledge never felt as though he fit in, in the Mets clubhouse and was made to be the outcast of the team. Earlier this week, while speaking with John Donovan of, Milledge vented:

“A lot of veterans [on the Mets] didn’t like the way I play the game. They thought I didn’t respect it,” Milledge says later in the clubhouse. “But the vets here have no problem with me. They know I respect it. They know I work hard.”

lastings1.jpgAnd on his time in New York:

“I can’t go through anything worse than I went through in New York. It only gets better from here.”

I guess Milledge was not hoping to reconcile with his former ‘mates. Mets third baseman David Wright took exception to Lastings comments.

Via Newsdays David Lennon:

“Enough is enough,” David Wright said yesterday. “You’re a Washington National now. Don’t worry about what happened last year or the year before that. Just go out there and try to help the Nationals win.The veterans were never mean to him or singled him out,” Wright said. “They always tried to teach him. Some of that comes through tough love. I went through it, Jose [Reyes] went through it. All the young guys in the game go through that tough-love period. Some handle it better than others.”

The most infamous of the events that Milledge is complaining about stems from a sign hanging from his previous locker in the Mets clubhouse that read “Know your place, Rook!” The sign was created by Mets closer, Billy Wagner who also had some comments for the disgruntled former Mets outfielder:

“Everyone in the organization babied the heck out of him,” Wagner said. “We couldn’t get on him too much because we were told to lay off of him. It could have been a whole lot worse for him and all we did was try to help him to help us.”

I guess Lastings never heard the saying, “Cat got your tongue?”

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