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amd_murcer.jpgThere are few in baseball who are good and genuine these days. Most will agree one person who fits that bill is Bobby Murcer. The Yankees’ broadcaster may have another battle with the brain tumor he encountered last year.

In late December 2006, Murcer was diagnosed with brain cancer after a malignant tumor was found in an MRI. He then underwent six hours of surgery and six weeks of of chemotherapy and radiation to treat the cancer. Now, after a recent MRI, Murcer and his wife were told that there is an “area that doctors are concerned about.” Murcer will miss this Sunday’s game in which he was scheduled to broadcast for the YES Network. It is possible he will miss more games for treatment.

“I’ve gotta go back to Houston on Monday for more tests, which means I’m going to have to miss the first two spring training games,” Murcer said. “I still hope to be in Tampa in time for the third game (on March 7) and I’m still planning on doing my full schedule of games for the regular season.”

Murcer is a fan favorite and one of mine as well. It’s sad to see Bobby have to endure another scare like this; let’s hope it’s not for the worse. Murcer’s play by play and color analysis is still among the best in the game. I, for one, enjoy our V.I.P pass for Old Timer’s Day that Murcer gives us while playing and interacting with fellow legends. His uncanny knack for knowledge of the game and Yankee history is what makes any Yankee game Bobby does enjoyable. Hopefully this is only a minor setback and Murcer will be back in the booth in a short time. Until then, good luck Bobby.

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