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lav_coles.jpgAccording to the Daily News’ Rich Cimini, while Gang Green’s offseason spending spree has invigorated its fan base, not everyone in Jets Land is happy with the front office.

“When do I get mine?” wondered one returning veteran player, under the condition of anonymity.

“You pay guys you don’t even know, and the guys in the locker room – the guys that have your back – you don’t give a damn about them.”

But money isn’t the only motivating factor here. It sounds like some players aren’t happy to see the departures of Jonathan Vilma and Dewayne Robertson (though the DT remains on the roster for now), two players who never were able to adjust to Eric Mangini’s 3-4 defense.

“They’re getting rid of the young guys and bringing in old guys,” the player said. “I don’t know what they’re doing.”

The same player told Cimini he was “envious” of Vilma for getting traded away from the Jets.

This is a great example of why players don’t run franchises. Doubtlessly not every one of Team Tangini’s coordinated strikes this offseason will pan out as they envision, but you’d have to be a fool to not see Kris Jenkins as an upgrade at nose tackle over Robertson, or see the redundancy of Vilma in a defense where David Harris has already proven himself a better fit for the scheme.

As for who decided to speak out of turn here, my money’s on Laveranues Coles. Coles has always been a warrior on the field, but it seems he is forever mouthing off about his contract. Indeed his first tenure with the Jets ended when he sought “greener” pastures with the Washington Redskins. At the end of the Jets’ 4-12 ’07-’08 season, both Coles and tight end Chris Baker publicly expressed their discontent with their current contracts. Kerry Rhodes is another player looking for a big raise, as he is due to make just $927,000 this season in the final year of his deal before hitting restricted free agency.

Whoever the mystery mouth is, he’s certainly given management and fans some food for thought. But, personally, I’m not going to let him dampen my enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

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