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Sunday, March 9th, 2008


Looking around the ‘net and watching tv these days, one topic that seems to cause a stir are predictions. Our own J Platt reported on John Kruk’s bold prediction of the Mets finishing third. So I thought I’d throw my two cents in as well. Here’s how I view the NL East finishing up:

1- Phillies : Still the team to beat. You have to like Rollins and Howard leading a team that steamrolled their way into the postseason down the stretch last year. A year later, more confident and more expirenced.
2- Mets : Too many questions regarding the bullpen and injuries. If they can stay healthy, then the Mets will be very tough to beat, even with an “old” Pedro.
3- Braves : Gotta like the rotation even if it has question marks (Glavine,Hampton). How well those guys perform will tell a alot in terms of what direction the team will be going.
4- Marlins : Good youthful team, but don’t expect them to pose a threat to place any higher in …

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