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Thursday, March 13th, 2008
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Fellow hoops fans, we’re in a state of mourning. Lets face it, both of our area teams are horrible. The Nets are rebuilding with what would be the equivalent of rotten wood and the Knicks…urrggh (beating my head against a brick wall).  So, instead of going into a deeper state of depression, let me get a couple things of my chest.

1) Kidd didn’t quit on Nets; he quit on Vince

Before last Saturday’s game against the Nets, the Mavericks’ Jason Kidd denied accusations that he had quit on his former team.  Kidd told Daily News reporter Ohm Youngmisuk that he had taken the franchise as far as he could and that his alleged protest before last season’s playoff loss to Cleveland was unfounded.

“I didn’t quit on the team,” said Kidd, who will face his old team on Saturday in Dallas. “The ride was over. At the end of the day, I gave everything that I could give to the Nets. There were no more rabbits that I could pull …

Jagr Driving Rangers To Distraction?

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Predictably the talk surrounding Jaromir Jagr and his contract situation hasn’t gone away since the Rangers’ captain spoke to the Post’s Larry Brooks and expressed his desire to not be “a distraction to the team,” while cryptically revealing that he has “a pretty good idea what [he’s] going to do next year…but [he’s] not going to say anything.”

As we stated on Monday, Jaromir would have been better off keeping his mouth shut.

Yesterday, the Blueshirt Bulletin passed along a report from Czech news site iDNES in which GM Glen Sather evidently expressed that “he expects to eventually make a contract proposal that is mutually acceptable for both sides before Jagr becomes a free agent on July 1st,” and that the organization will do “everything possible” to keep other Czechs on the roster to insure their superstar’s continued comfort level in New York.

In the wake of Slat’s comments, Jagr was forced to again address the situation today in front of the assembled beat writers. …

Mighty Crystal Has Struck Out

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The Yankees’ newest DH Billy Crystal batted leadoff for the Bombers in the bottom of the first inning today and managed to work the count to 3-1 before striking out against Pirates’ lefty Paul Maholm. Maholm appeared to come right after Crystal, and Billy managed to at least foul one off before whiffing on two nasty cut fastballs.

Happy Birthday, Billy.

And now, back to baseball.

Billy Batting Leadoff

Yankees Rumors & News

So ridiculous.
Seriously, folks: Crystal batting leadoff for Yanks | ESPN

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