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Friday, March 14th, 2008

‘Mr. Reese, this is Washington calling’

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Uncle Sam needs Jerry Reese!

The last estimate I saw shows the U.S. government’s debt at $9.2 trillion and climbing rapidly.

As much as we would like to have faith in our government, we know piles and piles of that money are being spent stupidly.

Enter Reese, the Giants’ spend-thrift of a general manager.

When Reese is ready to write a book, I’ve got the title already selected. Oh, and Jerry, I’m available to ghost-write since I know you probably won’t want to pay for some hotshot like Peter King or John Clayton to help you out.

Back to that book title. Jerry’s book should be called “How to Win Championships AND Stay Under Budget.”

In his second season as Giants’ GM, Reese has shown a magic touch in manipulating the Giants salary cap and roster that would make Harry Houdini blush.

He continued that run this week with the low-budget signings of quarterback David Carr and linebacker Danny Clark, both of whom add depth to the Giants’ championship roster.

Let’s see, here are a few potential chapters for …

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