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Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Not Your Average Joe | Yanks Send Message to Ortiz, Sox

Yankees Rumors & News

It’s tough to know whether or not Red Sox pitcher Julian Tavarez threw at Yankees’ captain Derek Jeter intentionally on Monday afternoon. After all, in a 1-2 count the timing seemed odd, however Tavarez is a nut case, and the Sox have never been shy about hitting Bronx batters in the past.

There is considerably less doubt surrounding the intentions of Andy Pettitte’s up-and-in pitch to David Ortiz in the next half-inning.

“We’re just pitching,” Yankee skipper Joe Girardi said, via the Boston Herald. “We had some guys whose feet we needed to move – it’s just pitching, just playing the game.”

Girardi also indicated that, having caught Tavarez in the past, he was confident that the pitch to Jeter simply got away from the right-hander and that Pettite’s pitch to Ortiz was in no way retaliatory.

Rather, the pitch was a message to Big Papi and the entire Red Sox dugout that these aren’t Joe Torre’s Yankees. Message received, I’d say, based on the glare toward the mound that …

Dolan To Meet With Pacers’ Walsh

Knicks Rumors & News

I’m gonna go out on a limb here: Isiah Thomas is done with the New York Knicks. Laughable, I know, but if the Knicks have proven anything this season, it’s that they defy all reason.

Perhaps Zeke be retained within the organization in some capacity, however, the prospect of him returning as team president and GM is so utterly implausible, I’ve begun to think of Thomas as more of a temporary caretaker than anything else.

Evidently Jim Dolan views Thomas in much the same way.

The New York Post is reporting today that Pacers’ CEO Donnie Walsh expects to meet with Knicks later this week about succeeding Thomas as team president, and a source suggested that Walsh had most likely already spoken to Dolan about the Knicks’ inevitable vacancy at the top. Via Marc Berman:

The Knicks and Walsh’s agent declined comment, and Pacer president Larry Bird claimed to know nothing. But nobody denied it.

Yesterday at Indiana’s morning shoot-around, the Bronx-born Walsh appeared jumpy, saying “No comment, no comment, no comment” …

LoDuca Miffed, but No Resentment

Mets Rumors & News

Although he’ll be splitting time behind the plate in Washington this season, Paul Lo Duca can’t get Flushing out of his mind and is willing to tell anyone who’s willing to listen.  The Post’s Mark Hale listened

“I wouldn’t have been as upset if they would have just come to me and said we’re going in a different direction,” Lo Duca said. “And that’s it. Regardless of what you read, there was no communication, no offer, no nothing.”

In all honesty, you can’t blame the Mets for wanting to go in a different direction.  Lo Duca was originally brought in as the heir apparent to Mike Piazza.  He had the bat the Mets were looking for and the leadership qualities, but once he started playing behind the plate, Mets fans actually missed Piazza’s defense.  Lo Duca might have called a good game, but opponents stole bases on him at will.  In some instances it cost the Mets the game (remember when the Phillies’ Jayson Werth stole second and third on consecutive pitches, …

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