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Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
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I find it difficult to take Alex Rodriguez seriously when he gets all weepy about returning to the Yankees. Despite what he’d have you believe, it’s not exactly as if he took a discount from the Bombers when he signed a record 10-year deal that will see him earn over $300 million when all is said and done.

Nevertheless, A-Rod is talking about his contract once again, telling the Daily News that he feared former-agent Scott Boras was leading him him down the same path that saw Rodriguez shun an offer from the Mets in 2000 in favor of the $252 million deal he signed with the Texas Rangers. Said A-Rod:

“I went for the contract when my true desire was to go play for the Mets…So to make the right decision [this time around] just feels really good versus being taken down a road where I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, where am I? Oh, $400 million to play in some place I hate? Great, I’ll blow my f*cking …

Nolan on His Way Out?

Islanders Rumors & News

4-12. No, that’s not a date; that’s the Islanders’ record in their last 16 games. After compiling enough wins to find themselves in 7th place before the All Star Break, the Islanders are currently in a downward spiral destined for a lottery pick (maybe not such a bad thing with Steven Stamkos in this years draft). Currently sitting in 13th place in the Eastern Conference and 26th out of the entire NHL, the Islanders have been looking more and more like a group just waiting for the season to end. But it seems as if only one person is taking the blame: coach Ted Nolan.

Nolan was unjustly exiled from the NHL for close to a decade for supposedly having “extracurricular activities” with a former player’s wife. But when the Islanders came knocking on his door 2 years ago, he was eager to get back behind the bench. Since that day, Nolan has held his own and shown why he was awarded the Jack Adams Trophy his 2nd year with the Sabres. Nolan is …

Hey Omar, What’s Not To Like About Reed?

Mets Rumors & News

With Moises Alou starting the season on the disabled list and the lack of depth in the Mets outfield, the news that the Blue Jays had designated Reed Johnson for assignment seemed like a blessing. Johnson, a speedy outfielder with an above average arm, would be a perfect fit for the thin Mets outfield.

Apparently not…

While teams like the Cubs and Rangers are taking a serious look at Johnson, the Mets are said to only have “mild interest,” and plan to look internally to address their depth in the outfield.

This might be a smokescreen on Omar Minaya’s part. With Alou on the DL, Endy Chavez moves into the starter’s role, and Marlon Anderson will become the 4th outfielder. While this isn’t a terrible set-up temporarily, this probably won’t be the last time Alou visits the DL. Should the injury bug bite the outfield like it did last season, and outfield of Chavez, Anderson, and Angel Pagan isn’t going to win you any games; I don’t care how good your pitching is.

Acquiring a …

At Last! Donnie Walsh Will Save the Knicks!

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It seems almost impossible to believe. In fact, I’m numb. According to a report, Isiah Thomas’ reign of incompetence is at its end.

A source tells ESPN that Indiana Pacers chief executive Donnie Walsh will join the Knicks at the end of the season, and is expected to sign a three-year, $15 million contract to oversee basketball operations.

What this means for Zeke is unknown at this point. It’s not impossible that Dolan will retain Isiah in some capacity out of misplaced loyalty, however its extremely unlikely that Thomas would remain as coach.

Though the Pacers have fallen on tough times, the team reached the Eastern Conference finals six times under Walsh’s stewardship and won the Central Division four times. They appeared in the NBA Finals in 2000 and held the league’s best record in 2004 until the Palace Brawl started the franchise on its downward spiral.

Walsh is one of the most respected minds in basketball, and his arrival at MSG signals a return to sanity if nothing …

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