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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Jets Must Pass On McFadden

Jets Rumors & News

Arkansas running back Darren McFadden is considered by many, the alpha-male amongst this year’s crop of prospects in April’s upcoming draft. McFadden’s dominance at the collegiate level, along with his awe-inspiring performance at last month’s scouting combine, have left scouts and executive with visions of Adrian Peterson, last season’s NFL Rookie of the Year. Nonetheless, personnel needs of the top five teams selecting, could drop the former Razorback down few slots to the Jets at number six. If such scenario is played out, the fate of head coach Eric Mangini and GM Mike Tannenbaum could be determined. 

Despite displaying their opulence this off-season, Gang Green enters the draft with many questions still unanswered; and while McFadden indeed is a once in a life-time talent, the Jets might be best served not selecting him at number six.

To draft a running back within the first ten selections is a tremendous risk; as the Jets should be well aware of. For every Peterson there is a Blair Thomas or a Ki-Jana Carter to account for. Jets fans should be intimately acquainted with said risks, as …

Canseco: A-Rod Tried to F*** My Wife

Yankees Rumors & News

In July reports surfaced that Jose Canseco was planning to dish some dirt on Alex Rodriguez in Vindicated, his upcoming sequel to his bestselling book Juiced. In December, Canseco dropped further hints about the revelations, indicating that the Mitchell report was “incomplete” without the inclusion of A-Rod.

Well now the cat is out of the bag, as its been revealed that in the book, which is due out Tuesday, Canseco claims to have introduced Rodriguez to “a known supplier of steroids,” and additionally alleges that A-Rod made advances toward his wife Jessica.

“Let’s get clear on one thing,” writes Canseco. “I hate your f***ing guts.”

Given what we already know about Alex’s affinity for infidelity and “the she-male, muscular type,” that A-Rod’s interest was piqued by Jessica Canseco is not implausible. Canseco’s allegations concerning steroid use are significantly more flimsy.

Does any of this matter? I don’t know. Over on Bugs & Cranks, Ed Valentine asks, can we stick a fork in Jose Canseco …

Giants Rumors & News

In a diary entry Tuesday, ‘SBaker’ points out that Yahoo! Sports did not show your defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants much respect in its first set of 2008 pre-season rankings.

Yahoo’s Charles Robinson (who is he, anyway?) has the Giants ranked seventh — with Indianapolis, New England, Dallas, San Diego, Jacksonsville and Cleveland (you freakin’ have to be kidding me) ranked above New York.

Umm, Mr. Robinson, can I please get some of whatever you have been smoking? Are you serious, with Dallas, San Diego, Jacksonville and Cleveland (Cleveland, for chrissakes!) ahead of the Super Bowl champs?

Here is what this yahoo said about the Giants.

Giants fans seem to think last season’s Super Bowl win translates into automatic success in 2008. But the division is still brutal, and some players tend to slack off the year after getting a ring. Don’t be surprised if turmoil returns again with a slow start.

Ahh, Mr. Robinson, what Giants fans have you been talking to? And Turmoil Tiki is not coming back, so forget …

SNY to Get Interactive

Mets Rumors & News

From today’s Daily News

The camera was on Keith Hernandez biting on a sandwich and drinking from a large cup of soda. He better get used to it.

Tuesday, SportsNet New York opened a whole new can of worms with some interactive TV, as the Mets voices took phone calls during the Mets-Braves exhibition game. It was a talk-radio show during a baseball TV broadcast, something SNY said it will continue during the regular season.

Why call in to some talk-radio gasbags when you can chat with the announcers during the game?

That’s what Alex from Queens and Kyle from Brooklyn did during yesterday’s game. Questions ranged from who the Mets’ fifth starter will be to whether Mike Piazza or Barry Bonds could end up at Shea.

Three announcers – Hernandez, Ralph Kiner and Kevin Burkhardt – didn’t look thrilled by all of this. They better …

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