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In July reports surfaced that Jose Canseco was planning to dish some dirt on Alex Rodriguez in Vindicated, his upcoming sequel to his bestselling book Juiced. In December, Canseco dropped further hints about the revelations, indicating that the Mitchell report was “incomplete” without the inclusion of A-Rod.

Well now the cat is out of the bag, as its been revealed that in the book, which is due out Tuesday, Canseco claims to have introduced Rodriguez to “a known supplier of steroids,” and additionally alleges that A-Rod made advances toward his wife Jessica.

“Let’s get clear on one thing,” writes Canseco. “I hate your f***ing guts.”

Given what we already know about Alex’s affinity for infidelity and “the she-male, muscular type,” that A-Rod’s interest was piqued by Jessica Canseco is not implausible. Canseco’s allegations concerning steroid use are significantly more flimsy.

Does any of this matter? I don’t know. Over on Bugs & Cranks, Ed Valentine asks, can we stick a fork in Jose Canseco already? Given the ink dedicated to this story over the last 24-hours, evidently not.

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