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Saturday, March 29th, 2008
Rangers Rumors & News

Kim Bauer she ain’t…According to the Daily News, the Rangers’ Sean Avery is listed as a $500 client of Manhattan madam Kristin Davis’ brothel Maison de L’Amour. Avery’s name is one of more than 2,000 recovered from a computer spreadsheet detailing the high-priced hooker’s sordid operations.

When contacted about the allegations initially, Avery seemed convinced he was the victim of an April Fools’ prank, however, after later learning that the report was legitimate, the pugnacious winger issued a strong denial, calling the assertion “false and defamatory.”

Some more reaction from Avery, via the Journal News’ Sam Weinman:

“I certainly have a lot of enemies, I know that,” Avery said when asked how his name ended up on the madam’s computer spreadsheet. “But I do know if I was ever to venture into one of these establishments, I wouldn’t use my own name. I think that would probably be stating the obvious.”

Whether it’s true or not, the Avery issue does …

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