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On cue, ortiz went 2-4 with a 2-run homer on Wednesday afternoon

Yes, it’s early, but remember, the Sox started their season a bit earlier than the rest of baseball, and as a result, David Ortiz has already seen eleven at-bats in this young season. He is 0-for-11 with 2 walks and a strikeout. It is the longest Big Papi has gone without a hit to begin a season since he joined the Red Sox in 2003.

Ortiz blamed his early struggles in Japan on the sluggishness he felt from the team’s globe trotting. So is Papi still trying to get his groove back, or at age 32, should fans and fantasy owners alike begin to question whether or not the dominant DH’s skills are eroding, even if only slightly.

My verdict? It’s early, folks! Ortiz is an extremely streaky hitter, and no stranger to slumps and slow starts. In April ’03, Ortiz hit .212 with just one homer. In 2007 Papi responded to a string of injuries that limited his power numbers by hitting for the highest average (.332) of his career.

Particularly if you’re in a rotisserie league, Ortiz’s slow start should not concern you.

Unfortunately, his struggles have proven significantly more detrimental in our 12-team, head-2-head Hot Stove New York Fantasy League. HSNY blogger J Platt‘s Orphans have opened up a big 10-5 lead on my club, Only Zuul.

I can’t place all the blame on Ortiz, however. Pedro helped out, too…


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    Did anyone else notice Ortiz looked noticeably slimmer prior to his seventh inning at-bat but clearly was carrying some roid-induced bulk as he was rounding the bases?

    I ain’t gettin’ on no plane!

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