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Finally, for quite possibly the first time since Patrick Ewing was draining jumpers in a Knicks’ uniform, fans have something to cheer about.

Donnie Walsh is in as team president, and Isiah Thomas is on his way out of the organization.

Yeah, I know Isiah is still the coach. And I know Walsh didn’t commit himself to anything, saying just “I need to sit down with Isiah and have a meaningful basketball conversation.”

I think that’s a nice way of saying “I’m not firing him during this press conference. I’ll wait until I can tell him to his face that he doesn’t have a clue and it’s time for him to take a hike.”

The knife that will eventually sever Thomas’s Knicks’ career has been inserted. It’s just a question of how quickly Dolan and Walsh want Thomas to bleed out.

Actually, I kind of hope Walsh doesn’t fire Isiah right away. Something about letting him twist in the wind, coaching this horrid team to the bitter end of its awful season, appeals to me.

Yeah, let him sit there forlornly on the bench for the remaining games and watch this collection of crud, this team that he “built,” knowing that it will be blown apart as quickly as Walsh can do it and that there is nothing Isiah will be able to do about it.

And let him sit there knowing there probably isn’t another NBA team that will ever touch him, considering all the embarrassment and mismanagement he has brought to New York.

The work to rebuild the Knicks will be long and tedious. Walsh’s road to restoring the franchise won’t be easy. At least, though, CEO James Dolan has found someone respected around the league to try and restore the team’s credibility.

ESPN’s Chad Ford lays out a four-point blueprint Walsh can — and should — use for restoring the Knicks to respectability.

The plan is, basically.

  1. Buy out Stephon Marbury.
  2. Trade Eddy Curry or Zach Randolph.
  3. Get the salary cap under control.
  4. Build through the draft.

It’s a great plan, though one that will take time.

For the next couple of weeks, though, I think Knicks’ fans would settle for the enjoyment of watching Isiah twist very uncomfortably, and very publicly, in the wind.

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  1. 1 On April 9th, 2008, Kate in LB said:

    I love you, love this post….please marry me……lol!!!

    I try very hard not to wish ill on anyone,but Dolan, etc…..aghh.

    And Donnie Walsh…..ahhhhhhh…..there is hope.

    Thanks for the brilliant and cathartic post!

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