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Monday, April 7th, 2008
Yankees Rumors & News

Always known for his hustle, Derek Jeter reportedly strained his left quadriceps while he was legging out a possible double play in the first inning Monday.

Jeter was safe on the play and came around to score on a two-run home run by Bobby Abreu. After staying in to play the second inning he was replaced by Morgan Ensberg in the top of the third. Ensberg went in to play first as Wison Betemit shifted over to shortstop.

There is no word yet on how serious the injury is and whether or not he will be available to play Kansas City on Tuesday.

Giambi Sat Sunday, Will Sit Monday

Yankees Rumors & News

If you could bet money on certain players getting injured, it would be a sure thing with Jason Giambi every time. Saturday while rounding second base the slugger came up limping and left the game in the fifth inning due to a sore left groin.

Giambi was not in the lineup Sunday and is expected to miss another couple of games, but will hopefully manage to stay off the DL. According to manager Joe Girardi they are temporarily keeping him out of games just to keep things from getting worse.

“Even if he says he’s OK, I’m not sure he’ll be in there because we may give him an extra day to make sure it doesn’t blow up,” Girardi said.

Without Giambi in the lineup the Yankees would like to start Shelley Duncan, but he is finishing up a two-game suspension and won’t be back until Monday. Without Duncan the Bombers started Wilson Betemit at first on Sunday. Expect more of the same on …

Reyes Takes Off Dancing Shoes

Mets Rumors & News

Last year, Jose Reyes could have easily been confused with the late tap dancer Gregory Hines. Doing such intricate hand shakes and dance steps that the FBI would have a hard time figuring them out. After one of his teammates would send a homerun over the wall, Reyes would joyfully meet them at the top of the dugout stairs and would perform what looked like a ballet with cleats.

While Mets fans well, let me correct myself. While some Mets fans enjoyed seeing Reyes prance around, other teams did not take a liking to him showing up the opposing pitcher. Reyes’ antics became the catalyst for the growing hatred of the Mets in 2007.

But Reyes vows that he is done with his former dancing ways. During a previous Mets telecast, it was said that Reyes told reporters that he will no longer be doing his extravagant handshakes. He wants to focus more on baseball and not on the extracurriculars. But do not fret fans, he said he will still be that vibrant …

Church Leaves Early Impression

Mets Rumors & News

When the Mets dealt Lasting Milledge for Brian Schnieder and Ryan Church, I wasn’t happy with the move. While Schneider would be a big defensive upgrade behind the plate, the Mets just acquired Johnny Estrada to replace Paul LoDuca.  Did they really need him? Also, who is this Ryan Church guy and how is he going to contribute? The Mets have enough 4th outfielders, they need an impact bat.

Why deal Milledge? This is the same Milledge who was the Mets future right fielder and perennial all-star in-the-making. This is the same Milledge who was in trade talks for Dan Haren, Dontrelle Willis, and Barry Zito. I know some have soured on him because of his attitude, but you can’t deny the talent. Had his stock dropped so much he was dealt for a catcher with no bat and a 4th outfielder, or has Omar Minaya lost a step?

It’s still early in the season, but Minaya is again showing why he’s one of the best general managers in the league. While …

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