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Last year, Jose Reyes could have easily been confused with the late tap dancer Gregory Hines. Doing such intricate hand shakes and dance steps that the FBI would have a hard time figuring them out. After one of his teammates would send a homerun over the wall, Reyes would joyfully meet them at the reyes.jpgtop of the dugout stairs and would perform what looked like a ballet with cleats.

While Mets fans well, let me correct myself. While some Mets fans enjoyed seeing Reyes prance around, other teams did not take a liking to him showing up the opposing pitcher. Reyes’ antics became the catalyst for the growing hatred of the Mets in 2007.

But Reyes vows that he is done with his former dancing ways. During a previous Mets telecast, it was said that Reyes told reporters that he will no longer be doing his extravagant handshakes. He wants to focus more on baseball and not on the extracurriculars. But do not fret fans, he said he will still be that vibrant kid with the huge smile annoying his fellow teammates with his chatter.

Hopefully Reyes will stick to his vow and not dance in the dugout but instead dance around the basepaths.

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