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When it was announced that former Indiana Pacers’ CEO Donnie Walsh had agreed to take over as the Knicks’ President of Basketball operations, there was dancing in the streets (I did a back flip followed by a cartwheel). The reign that was “Isiah the Terrible” is over! However, as ecstatic as we all are about the Garden’s latest coup, is the 67-year old Bronx native really the right man for the job?

Walsh has spent the last 24 years with the Indiana Pacers organization and comes to New York with the well deserved distinction as one of the league’s top personnel directors. His much ballyhooed decision to draft UCLA’s Reggie Miller over local hero, Indiana University’s Steve Alford, laid the foundation to the Pacers 15-plus years of title contention. In addition to Miller, Walsh also managed to bring in a seldom-used Jermaine O’Neal from the Portland Trailblazers to spearhead Indiana’s seamless transition from a rapidly aging group of vets to a hungry group of youngsters ready to contend in a wide open Eastern Conference.

Despite the impressive resume, it’s Walsh’s recent personnel moves, that have some feeling uncertain about the Knicks’ latest hire. 

Walsh is part of the brain-trust that has lead the Pacers into a Salary-Cap Hell, similar to that of the Knicks. His mis-management of the cap has given rise to the utterly insane contracts given to O’Neal, Al Harrington, Austin Croshere, Jamal Tinsley, and Marquis Daniels. He has also traded for the ridiculous contracts of Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Troy Murphy as well.

Secondly, minus Miller and 2005 selection Danny Granger, Walsh’s record at the draft is pretty much horrible (and I’m being kind). Erick Dampier, Vonteego Cummings, David Harrison,  Primoz Brezec, etc.; our past picks look like all-stars when compared, doesn’t it?

Lastly, in a haste to rid Indiana of Ron Artest and all that associated with the brawl at the Palace in 2004, Walsh traded the talented yet troubled forward to the Kings for a three month lease on Peja Stojakovic‘s bad back. That trade assuredly set the team back a few seasons, as the Pacers got a bag of airplane nuts in exchange for one of the NBA’s premier talents.

With all that said, was Walsh a better canidate to clean up this mess than say former Phoenix Suns exec Jerry Colangelo?  

Nevertheless, Walsh does bring a certain credibility back to the Garden and his hiring has given hope to all Knicks fans; but for a team desperate to rebuild via the draft can we place our trust in a man whose record isn’t what we’d call flawless?

Hmm, for our sake lets hope we get the genius who drafted Miller and not the dunce who hired Isiah.

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