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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
Mets Rumors & News

Willie Randolph has taken more than his fair share of heat during his tenure as Mets manager. Whether it be for the  mis-management of the bullpen or for not being very adept at the fine art of the double switch. But for most fans, the biggest complaint about the Randolph era has been his lack of motivational skills. Inspiring players and building up their confidence. Giving his team that swagger that the ’86 Mets were so famous for.

During last years collapse, while speaking during post game interviews, the expression on Willie’s face and his speech never changed. He never gave any evidence that showed how he felt about his teams struggles or to let the fans know that what the Mets were doing was not alright. It seemed, from the outside looking in, that the team took on the lifeless demeanor of its manager.

 Even though it may be way overdue, Randolph finally openly criticized this team and made it seem like he would not just settle for the sloppy play the Mets have shown. …

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