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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

No Games, No Problem | Rangers Yuck It Up With Letterman

Rangers Rumors & News

Hysterical? No. Amusing? Yes.

More importantly, it’s exposure for the Rangers, who despite three straight postseason appearances, dropped off the map in the New York sporting landscape around 1997 and have struggled to regain any recognition in this city since. I wonder if a Conference Finals appearance would be enough to recapture the city’s notice, or if its Stanley Cup Finals or bust.

McFadden, Ryan Could Be Jets

Jets Rumors & News

The NFL Draft picture is beginning to get a little bit clearer.

Only in the NFL does a No. 1 pick get introduced four days prior to the actual draft, but that’s what happened yesterday as the Miami Dolphins reached a five-year, $57.75 million contract with Michigan left tackle Jake Long, rendering Saturday’s draft selection a mere formality.

It’s not unusual for the team with the No. 1 pick to negotiate with potential selections prior to the draft, however reaching an agreement so far in advance is pretty much unprecedented.

More importantly, what this means for Jets fans is that with Jake Long off the board, the Jets are guaranteed to have a wide variety of defensive and offensive studs available to them at No. 6, such as DT Glenn Dorsey, DE Chris Long, LB, Vernon Gholston, QB Matt Ryan, and RB Darren McFadden.

Given head coach Eric Mangini’s emphasis on the defensive side of the ball, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the Jets go ‘D’ with their pick, and Scouts Inc.’s Jeremy …

As usual, wide receiver looks like a need

Giants Rumors & News

Super Bowl hero David Tyree has apparently undergone knee surgery.

Reports indicate that Tyree expects to be ready for training camp. This does, however, lead nicely into what seems to be an annual discussion — do the Giants need to make wide receiver a draft priority?

Somehow, despite the fact it seems the Giants take a receiver early in the draft every year, the answer annually is yes. I don’t think that’s any different this season.

Plaxico Burress is a star, Steve Smith might be one and Amani Toomer is arguably the best receiver in team history. Toomer can’t go on forever, though, Sinorice Moss is still a mystery and Tyree isn’t really a full-time part of the receiving corps, anyway.

So, with that said let’s look at some of the guys who might be available for the Giants.

DeSean Jackson, California
At 5-foot-9 3/4, 169 pounds, he seems like a guy who might possess all the skills we thought Moss had.

NFL Draft Countdown
(First rounder)
Awfully similar to Ted Ginn, Jr. when he was …

NHL Cashing In On Avery

Rangers Rumors & News

Interesting article in the Post today, where Larry Brooks notes that the NHL seems to have zero scruples when it comes to cashing in on Sean Avery.

Sure we’ll revile and demonize the guy in the days following his infamous face-guard of the Devils’ Martin Brodeur, and we’ll even change our rule book to embarrass the little jerk, but that doesn’t mean we won’t make a quick buck selling T-Shirts reading “Avery Rule No. 16” across the chest.

According to a well-placed source, the NHL approved the concept and design before soliciting approval from the Players Association. The NHLPA then asked for and was granted Avery’s permission to go forward….The NHL, of course, won’t profit alone. The players will get their share of the revenue generated by sale of this tee shirt.

That includes Martin Brodeur.

Hear that, Marty? You’ll get what’s coming to you after all!

In all seriousness, it’s a neat shirt for Ranger fans for sure, but the hypocrisy of the situation is epic. My advice? …

Giants Rumors & News

Let’s take a look at the top linebackers available in this weekend’s NFL Draft.

In the SBN Mock Draft I took Connor, but I wouldn’t complain if the Giants landed Mayo, either.

Let’s look at both of these guys, and some of the other top linebacker prospects who could be available to the Giants.

I ran NFL Draft Countdown bios on Mayo and Connor previously. So, for those two players I will use the ESPN NFL Draft Tracker.

Jerod Mayo, Tennessee
He could be gone when the Giants pick at 31, or he could last into the second round. Projects as a very good player.

ESPN Draft Tracker
(First round)
Mayo has experience playing inside and outside linebacker at Tennessee. While he showed NFL potential in both spots, he seems like a more natural fit on the weak-side where he will get more protection. Mayo is far from a finished product. He is blessed with an outstanding combination of size, speed and athletic ability, which was on display at the combine. But in order to become a …

Rangers Face Penguins, Great Expectations

Rangers Rumors & News

Back on March 7th, I wrote that the Rangers had to secure a top seed in order to avoid an early postseason matchup with a top contender such as Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. And while the Rangers played admirably down the stretch, the Penguins (not to mention the Devils) proved impossible to catch in the standings.

So here we are. Round Two. Rangers v. Penguins. Jagr v. Crosby. Gomez v. Malkin. Ideally it’s a matchup you’d rather see in the Conference Finals while facing a somewhat less intimidating opponent in the Conference Semis such as the Philadelphia Flyers, who knocked Alexander Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals out of the playoffs in a thrilling Game 7 decided in OT. Then again, no one said it was going to be easy – nor should it be.

Game 1 will open in Pittsburgh on Friday night, a full seven days after the Rangers disposed of the rival Devils in a lop-sided five-game series. …

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Today we start a new feature hear at Hot Stove New York. Let’s call it ‘Breakfast at the Hot Stove.’

As the name implies what we are going to do each morning is give you a review of what’s cooking on the New York sports scene. We’ll give you the news, but we’re not playing it straight.

We’ll try to start your day with a laugh (spitting up a little OJ never hurt anybody), or get you a little aggravated before you head to the office (just don’t take it out on the boss).

So, grab that extra morning cup of coffee and come along. It’s breakfast time and the Hot Stove is open for business.

The Bacon: Sharapova visits Letterman

Yeah, I know this isn’t really sports. And I know it happened a couple of days ago. But, hell, it’s Maria Sharapova and any time I can gave breakfast, lunch, dinner, an intimate moment … you get the idea … with Maria, I’m doing it. Besides, this did happen in New York….

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