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Time for a Tuesday edition of ‘Breakfast at the Hot Stove.’ Hope you’re hungry this morning.

Finally, some home-cookin’

The Yankees defeated the Indians, 5-2, last night, polishing off a brutal stretch where they played 18 of 20 games on the road. The 18 road games, by the way, is the most ever played in April by a major league team. The Yankees have plenty of issues with injuries, pitching and unproductive hitters, but they have to feel pretty good all things considered. They went 10-10 during that stretch, are 14-13 overall and sit just a game out of first place in a highly competitive AL East. The Bombers are home for 18 of their next 25 games, so maybe they can make some headway.

Soggy Cereal: Delgado spurns Mets’ fans

The Mets were rained out last out, and Carlos Delgado rained on the Met fans’ parade. He rejected their pleas for a curtain call Sunday, and Kevin Kernan of the New York Post says he did the right thing.

A sweet treat

The New York Rangers, down 0-2, desperately need a win tonight against Pittsburgh. Perhaps this will inspire them


That, of course, is Elisha Cuthbert.

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  1. 1 On April 29th, 2008, gozer said:

    stop it, ed…you’re gonna make avery cry

  2. 2 On April 29th, 2008, Ed Valentine said:

    LOL!!! Well, the Rangers are making their fans cry … so, what’s the difference?

  3. 3 On April 29th, 2008, Eddie Felson said:

    Retire 21 . Yes we can.

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