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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
Mets Rumors & News

Oliver Perez let down his team today.

Clinging to a modest 3-game winning streak, and with a difficult road trip to the west coast looming, Perez couldn’t get out of the 2nd inning this afternoon, going 1.2 innings and allowing 7 runs on 2 hits and 5 walks.

An April matchup with the Pittsburgh Pirates may seem inconsequential, however today will have been a horrible note on which to leave home, and could easily snowball into a significant losing streak if the Mets’ bats don’t speak loudly in Arizona.

West coast trips are always tough, but this one is particularly brutal with the top of Arizona’s rotation aligning with the back end of the Mets’ staff. The Diamondbacks lead the majors with an unconscious 19-8 record.

Then it’s on to Los Angeles, for a three-game set against Joe Torre’s improving Dodger team. L.A. has won four-straight entering this afternoon’s contest in Florida.

Any way you slice it, it seems things continue to conspire against the Mets.

Moeller To the Rescue!

Yankees Rumors & News

Chad Moeller has reportedly cleared waivers and will return to the Yankees with Jorge Posada on the DL and Jose Molina not quite 100%. Funny quote from the Journal News’ Peter Abraham:

How has it come to this for the Yankees? People are thrilled Chad Moeller is back. This is a guy who was cut in spring training by the Nationals because they liked Wil Nieves better. A team with a $209 million payroll praying that nobody claims Chad Moeller. Amazing.

In related news, I love baseball.

Has Hughes had it too easy?

Yankees Rumors & News

So, what is wrong with ‘The Franchise’?

It is painfully obvious that the New York Yankees’ Phil Hughes, youngest starter in the majors at 21, looks out of his league right now.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way for the phenom.

Over at Bugs & Cranks, I opined that it might be time for Hughes to make a few starts at Scranton to regain his seemingly shattered confidence.

At the awesome Yankees’ blog, River Ave. Blues, they are advancing a different theory. They say Hughes’ primary problem is that he does not know how to deal with failure.

From RAB.

When Phil was cruising through the minors, he’d be going five or six innings, and in many games he’d have just two or three baserunners. That simply doesn’t happen in the majors, not for a 21-year-old. Major league hitters won’t be fooled by the same stuff that gives AA hitters fits.

That’s fine, though. Every pitcher needs to make adjustments at each new level. Phil has to adapt to not only pitching with …

Avery Hospitalized With Lacerated Spleen, Done For Season

Rangers Rumors & News

Sean Avery it out for the remainder of the season (what’s left of it) after suffering a lacerated spleen.

The team reports that Avery was complaining of an injury after last night’s Game 3 defeat and entered St. Vincent’s Medical Center under his own power, refuting a report in the Daily News that indicated Avery had been rushed to the hospital in cardiac arrest.

Avery has seven points in eight playoff games this season, however he has been largely invisible against the Penguins – especially in comparison to his performance in the first round against New Jersey.

While Avery is expected to make a full recovery, this has to cast serious doubt over whether or not the team retains the pint-sized pugilist for next season. In the wake of several big money signings and player extensions, not to mention one or two senseless trade acquisitions, the Rangers have painted themselves into a salary cap quandary with little wiggle room. Coming off such a serious injury, the Rangers might be …

Delgado Cheered, Then Jeered | Decisions Loom

Mets Rumors & News

Kudos to the Met fan. I had my fingers-crossed for something like this, but I’m still a little surprised that the Shea Stadium crowd came through. In the wake of this week’s fervor over boos and curtain calls, fans greeted Carlos Delgado with cheers before his first at-bat last night. A special up your’s to WFAN’s Mike Francesa, who I enjoy, but who looks pretty dumb today after ranting for 48 hours on the rough reception Delgado would get at Shea following his snub of the fans’ pleas for a curtain call on Sunday afternoon. Rather than eat some crow today, Francesa will no doubt remark on the ‘fickle’ nature of fans. Say something funny, Mike.

Nice call, Dog. Francesa’s other half, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, looks pretty good today after playing counterpoint to his radio partner over the last two days. Russo railed against Mets fans for their brutal treatment of the home team this season and lauded Delgado for snubbing them. These are fans who booed Johan Santana …

Wednesday ‘Breakfast:’ The Yanks aren’t feeling well

Giants Rumors & NewsKnicks Rumors & News

Welcome to your Wednesday ‘Breakfast at the Hot Stove.’ We hope we’ve cooked up a good meal for you this morning.

Sour milk

A-Rod is heading to the disabled list to join Jorge Posada. Phil Hughes (0-4, 9.00 ERA) might be heading to Scranton after getting rocked again last night in a 6-4 loss to Detroit. Definitely not a good night for the Yankees.

Behave yourselves at the table, children!

The defending Super Bowl champion Giants (yes, I love saying that) visit the White House today. There will be no behaving like this.

Not on the menu?

Mark Jackson remains the front-runner for the Knicks’ coaching gig, and names like George Karl and Chuck Person have also popped up. Curiously, one name you never hear mentioned is former Knicks’ great Patrick Ewing, now an assistant with Orlando.

I never quite got used to the idea of Ewing as a coach. It just doesn’t seem to fit. And maybe that’s because it doesn’t.

From the New York Daily News recently.

Respected trainer/analyst David Thorpe, during an ESPN …

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