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Kudos to the Met fan. I had my fingers-crossed for something like this, but I’m still a little surprised that the Shea Stadium crowd came through. In the wake of this week’s fervor over boos and curtain calls, fans greeted Carlos Delgado with cheers before his first at-bat last night. A special up your’s to WFAN’s Mike Francesa, who I enjoy, but who looks pretty dumb today after ranting for 48 hours on the rough reception Delgado would get at Shea following his snub of the fans’ pleas for a curtain call on Sunday afternoon. Rather than eat some crow today, Francesa will no doubt remark on the ‘fickle’ nature of fans. Say something funny, Mike.

Nice call, Dog. Francesa’s other half, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, looks pretty good today after playing counterpoint to his radio partner over the last two days. Russo railed against Mets fans for their brutal treatment of the home team this season and lauded Delgado for snubbing them. These are fans who booed Johan Santana as he exited his first Shea start after all. Russo also remarked that even had he accepted the curtain call, it wouldn’t have bought much grace for a guy hitting .194. Russo maintained that the first baseman would get booed regardless if he were to go 0-for-4 the next night.

As if on cue, Delgado followed the 2nd-inning ovation with an 0-for-5 at the plate last night. He was booed in his final few at-bats.

wright-wins-it.jpgJose, Jose-Jose-Jose. More good signs from Jose Reyes, who continues to fight his way back from his disastrous September. Reyes hasn’t been able to completely turn the page on what hopefully will have been the darkest chapter of his career, however he’s shown signs of regaining his old electricity, and after a slow start, looks poised for good things in the month of May. Entering last night’s game with just 5 walks on the season and having drawn no more than 1 walk in any game this year, Jose drew 3 bases-on-balls last night, and went 3-for-3 at the plate with a run, a triple, a stolen base and an RBI. He was also caught stealing in the 1st.

To me, Reyes is a different hitter when he’s seeing pitches. Jose’s at his worst when he’s exercising too much patience early in the count and too much aggressiveness with 2 strikes. Statistically they might amount to the same thing, but I’d rather see Jose strike out looking at a pitch on the black than swinging wildly at a breaking ball off the plate.

He’s Al-Wright. I’m not sure where I’d find this stat, but I’d love to see the numbers on David Wright in extra innings with a runner on third and less than two outs (Had that scenario even turned up before last night?). I have to imagine that’s the closest thing to the Fat Lady that there is in baseball.

Handle With Care. Two days and one game after nearly using Duaner Sanchez for a third consecutive day on Sunday (he was warming up, but ultimately never entered the game), Willie Randolph went to the well again last night, calling on Sanchez to manage the 8th inning in a tight 4-2 contest. The recovering righty reliever looked shaky for the first time since his return to the majors, allowing a run on two hits and two walks.

I hope the outing serves as a reminder to Willie and the fans alike that this guy is not the savior, and needs to be conserved and monitored like any other player returning from career-threatening injury. If last night is any indication, Duaner may already be suffering some fatigue from his sudden flurry of appearances. It would have been absolutely inane had Willie tried to use him on Sunday as well.

Listen, the bullpen stinks. I understand. But unless you’re counting on Matt Wise (remember him?) to return with the calvary, the guys here are going to have to pitch their way out of it. It isn’t prudent nor realistic to expect much more than 50-60 innings out of Sanchez this season. The organization’s main priority should be to keep this guy healthy.

Decisions, decisions. And speaking of Wise, some roster moves are in order for the Mets before they travel to Arizona this weekend.

The bullpen will be getting a bit crowded as Wise looks set to return. Joe Smith looks like the prime candidate for demotion since he wouldn’t have to pass through waivers to complete such a move. A demotion for a guy like Jorge Sosa, for instance, would likely mean the team would lose the player to a pitching-starved team such as the Braves. I’m torn on this one. The bullpen has struggled, and Mighty Joe is one of the more reliable arms in there. On the other hand, in this league you’re forced to play the numbers game, and it would be foolish to lose an arm for nothing, especially if that player winds up in a rival uniform.

If I were Aaron Heilman, I’d take one for the team here and feign injury.

Meanwhile, it looks like Moises Alou will be activated for Friday’s game against the Diamondbacks, meaning if injured catcher Brian Schneider isn’t ready for action he’ll have to be retroactively DLed, which would put him out for another week or so. If Schneider’s okay to play, Gustavo Molina would likely be returned to AAA.

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