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Welcome to your Wednesday ‘Breakfast at the Hot Stove.’ We hope we’ve cooked up a good meal for you this morning.

Sour milk

A-Rod is heading to the disabled list to join Jorge Posada. Phil Hughes (0-4, 9.00 ERA) might be heading to Scranton after getting rocked again last night in a 6-4 loss to Detroit. Definitely not a good night for the Yankees.

Behave yourselves at the table, children!

The defending Super Bowl champion Giants (yes, I love saying that) visit the White House today. There will be no behaving like this.


Not on the menu?

Mark Jackson remains the front-runner for the Knicks’ coaching gig, and names like George Karl and Chuck Person have also popped up. Curiously, one name you never hear mentioned is former Knicks’ great Patrick Ewing, now an assistant with Orlando.

I never quite got used to the idea of Ewing as a coach. It just doesn’t seem to fit. And maybe that’s because it doesn’t.

From the New York Daily News recently.

Respected trainer/analyst David Thorpe, during an ESPN chat upon being asked whether Ewing deserves more credit for his work with Yao Ming and Dwight Howard:

When I go to Magic games, I get there 3 hours early to watch the players prepare. I see all the Magic assistants putting players through their paces, save one. Guess which guy sits on the first row chairs and talks to the dancers?

Actually, maybe he is the perfect replacement for Isiah.

A crappy cup of coffee

The Yankees re-called relief pitcher Edwar Ramirez Monday and option Chris Britton to Scranton. Poor Britton. The guy got re-called 3-4 days ago and gets sent back without even warming up in a game. It seems Britton, acquired for Jaret Wright before the 2007 season, will never get a chance with the Yankees. He made only 11 relief appearances in New York last year.

Scrambled eggs

The Rangers have made a mess of their Eastern Conference semifinal series against Pittsburgh. Last night’s 5-3 loss pushed them into an 0-3 hole, and basically ended their season.

Donut holes

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