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Saturday, May 3rd, 2008
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The Yankees beat the Seattle Mariners 6-1 behind a strong performance by Mike Mussina Saturday at the stadium.

It was just another great pitching performance by Mussina who has raked up great performances this season nearly every time he goes out to the mound. Nearly every time except against the Boston Red Sox that is.

Mussina’s record this season is 4-3 with a 4.23 ERA, but those stats are deceiving. When you take out his two poor starts against the Sox his record jumps to 4-1 with a 2.73 ERA. Looks pretty good for a 39-year-old starter especially one who’s boss attacked him saying he needed to learn to pitch like Jaime Moyer.

When you inspect his starts against the Red Sox with a little more scrutiny it was Manny Ramirez that did most of the damage. In those two starts Ramirez had three home runs and six RBI’s against Moose. If you remove those numbers from his stats you’re left with a 2.81 ERA.

Last …

Wang Improves To 6-0

Yankees Rumors & News

While the Yankee’s young pitchers struggle it is important for the veteran starters to stabilize the rotation and so far Chien-Ming Wang couldn’t be better.

Wang, who owns the Seattle Mariners, went out and beat them again last night to improve to 6-0 this year. In six innings he allowed just three hits and surrendered only one run for the victory.

Wang has been the most victorious pitcher since 2006 with 44 victories, but he might be even better this season than he has been in years past. The difference is he has added a few pitches to his repertoire and doesn’t rely on just his sinker anymore.

“Now you have to look for the slider, maybe change, maybe split, and still have the sinker there,” said catcher Jose Molina. “Attack the zone. Don’t be afraid to throw through the middle. It doesn’t matter where he throws it, it’s going to move.”

Now even if his sinker isn’t on he can stay in the game and …

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