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Thursday, May 15th, 2008

How Can Yankees Their Fix Offense?

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All season the Yankees have had problems scoring runs and lately that problem has been magnified by the absence of Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada from the lineup.

After scoring just four runs over their last three games, part of the problem has been the lack of any decent offensive replacements for the pair of star sluggers. Jose Molina and Morgan Ensberg have been as close as you can get to an automatic out lately which is making a bad situation worse.

Molina has an OPS of .525 so far this season, but for the month of May its a disastrous .366. Ensberg is hardly better sporting a .536 OPS this year and a paltry .478 for May. The story gets worse with runners in scoring position, Ensberg has a .438 OPS in those situations and Molina has become the Hank Aaron of killing rallies with a .000 batting average with two outs and runners on second or third.

Sad to say its not just the replacements who are killing …

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Mets fans are actually crying for Scott Schoeneweis. I’m not up on my Bible verse, but I’m pretty sure this exact scenario was foretold as a sign of the coming Apocoplypse.

Aaron, Aaron, Aaron. What are we going to do with you? That’s the question the Mets are asking after his latest disaster of an outing. A few weeks ago I wrote that the Mets need Heilman. The Mets cannot afford to rely on Duaner Sanchez, whose fastball is already sagging into the 87-88 mph range and whose ERA has risen to 5.68 after 12.2 innings of work. Moreover, the organization can’t afford to simply write off a reliever who’s been among the National League’s best over the last two seasons.

All that said, Heilman looks like a broken man. His mechanics are broken, his confidence is broken, and his spirit is broken. Can he be fixed? Sure, but I couldn’t tell you how. …

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