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Monday, May 19th, 2008
Mets Rumors & News

A very merry Willie Randolph Day to all our HSNY readers. We dedicate this fine morrow of the Amazin’s abbreviated sweep of the Bumbling Bombers to none other than the skip, who as recently as Friday was hearing calls for his head on the same day it was announced he would be joining the NL coaching staff at this year’s All-Star Game. That sure would’ve been an awkward arrangement were Randolph fired over the weekend.

Instead it was the Mets who fired – on all cylinders, out-scoring the Yanks 18-6 in the rain-shortened two-game set. Did the Mets get lucky, running head-on into an opponent that hadn’t scored more than 2 runs in a week’s time before the teams met on Saturday? Perhaps. But it’s never easy to sweep a series against the Yanks in their own “cathedral,” and even tougher to do so in embarrassing fashion, as the Mets did on Sunday.

So today we praise the manager, who clearly gets the …

Yankees Rumors & News

Things aren’t right in the Bronx. That comes as no surprise. What does, is the lack of offense coming from the Yankees.

The Yankees lost another game and another series. This loss might be cause for some action. The powers that be, Hank Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman might need to find something to boost this ballclub. In recent years the Yanks have made additions to the ballclub when they felt it was necessary. We’ve seen them get guys off the free agent market (Aaron Small, Roger Clemens), make in-season deals (Shawn Chacon,Wilson Betemit ) and we’ve seen them promote within the organization (Chien Ming Wang, Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera, and Joba Chamberlain).

Each of those moves have proved to be vital in terms of injecting life to a team that lacks the energy a $200 million ballclub should have. Granted, these moves have not led the Yanks to the World Series, but it has led them to the postseason. October baseball is a long way from now but it seems like years away with the way …

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